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  • Why you should try online dating!

    Why you should try online dating!

    Of course, I love online dating. For someone that rarely socializes, I know Mr. Right won’t come right into my bedroom, online dating was the only option I had. Facebook, Instagram, tagged, twitter and other platforms were there to help me. That’s how Bae got me… lol 🤍🤍 Love him

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    Online dating has its pros and cons just like offline dating. Online dating puts less pressure on you especially if you’re the shy or nervous type. It gives you a relaxed atmosphere where you can take time to think of what to say with less anxiety and nervousness…

    It saves you a whole lot of embarrassment as well, sometimes we tend to hold back feelings and expressions in public because we feel too embarrassed to talk about them but when you write online, you tend to open up yourself more.

    Dating Online was a game changer for me

    With the invention of new phone models with good cameras and filters, online dating is beginning to look somewhat difficult.

    You post pictures of yourself with the help of a photo filter. Change your complexion, clear the blackheads and pimples on your face, give yourself an hourglass shape, eyelashes, etc..

    When your “supposed” date meets you in person, he gets discouraged and probably never calls you again.

    Why you should try Online Dating

    In as much as I love dating, I’ll strongly advise you to try to meet up with him/her and connect face to face as soon as possible. Spend time with yourselves to know more about one another.

    Xoxo… Learn about more this in the next article

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