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  • Where can American citizens travel to right now

    Where can American citizens travel to right now

    With all the rules and regulations, figuring out where Americans can travel at the moment is no easy task. The European Union has barred U.S Travelers due to the global Corona Virus Pandemic, Canada and Mexico have closed their land borders. So with all this, it is understandable that the number question in the mind of every American travelers’ mind is where can I go, if anywhere?


    As of August 24, Americans are allowed to travel to these countries:

    1. ALBANIA

    On June 15, Albania opened its land borders and commercial airports to international travel. Although travelers do not have to show a negative COVID test upon arrival, they should expect heightened screening and quarantine measures, per the U.S Embassy in Albania.

    2. BAHAMAS

    After Opening (and then closing) to Americans in July, the Bahamas is once again open to travelers from the United States with some fine print. All travelers must show proof of a negative COVID- 19 test and quarantine for two weeks upon arrival in the country.


    Barbados reopened its international airport to commercial flights on July 12, and as of August 5, has been enforcing new travel protocols for all arriving visitors. All travelers must submit an Embarkation/ Disembarkation form 24 hours before departure, wear face masks at the Airport, and undergo a health screening upon arrival.

    4. BELARUS

    U.S citizens are allowed to enter Belarus, and no negative COVID test is required. According to the U.S Embassy in Belarus, there are health screening procedures in place at airports and other ports of entry.

    5. CROATIA

    As reported the European Union has said it will not allow U.S travelers. But according to the fine print, countries within the EU can decide to ignore the recommendations and Croatia has done just that. Visitors do not have to quarantine but do have to present confirmation of accommodation.


    Visitors to the Dominican Republic Must show proof of a negative COVID-19 test, taken no later than five days before arrival. Passengers arriving in the Dominican Republic will also have their temperature taken as they disembark the plane, and anyone with a temperature higher than 100.6 degrees Fahrenheit will be given a COVID test.

    7. EGYPT

    In July, Egypt reopened major tourist sites, and as of August 15, travelers are allowed in the country with proof of a negative COVID test taken no later than 72 hours before arrival.


    Jamaica has welcomed international travelers back since June 15, Arriving visitors will be subject to temperature screenings and health checkups at the Airport.

    9. KENYA

    American travelers are allowed into Kenya, but they must provide a negative COVID test taken no later than 96hours before arrival. They must have a temperature above 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit or have a persistent cough or difficulty breathing.

    10. MEXICO

    Land Borders between Mexico and the U.S are technically closed until September 21, but American Travelers have been allowed to arrive by plane. Mexican states have different timelines for reopening, so be sure to check which ones are open.


    On July 7, Dubai began welcoming back foreign travelers. Travelers must take COVID -19 test within 91 hours of their flight and show their airline a negative result, or they will be tested on arrival and required to isolate while awaiting the results.

    All the best while you pack your bags to explore a new City/ Country and remember to stay safe.



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