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  • Quarantine and Chill

    Quarantine and Chill

    Have plenty of rest and sleep.

    Ladies and gentlemen Adequate rest is not laziness, neither is the required 8 hours of sleep laziness. We all need to relax our nerves and have a good rest after all our days at work. If you’ve noticed, when you’re exhausted, stress lines appear on your face and Also, you tend to lose valuable weight. This is another very important aspect of the business of looking good. As much as possible, it’s necessary to stop at some point and get some rest (and possibly a good sleep) during this period of quarantine. Trust me, your body will thank you for this gesture! I listed some of my favorite movies and series on Netflix.. enjoy

    Movies to watch while at home

    The Shawshank Redemption, Spenser Confidential, Lost Girls, Lion Heart, Guilty, Marriage story, Fall from Grace, Seven and half dates, 3 idiots, Force 2, Drive, Don, Potatoe Potahto, the sky is pink, Isoken, Wedding Party 2,

    Series / Documentaries to watch while at home

    The Trial of Gabriel’s Hernandez, Love is blind, Money Heist( part 4 April 3), I’m a Killer, Castle & Castle, Dirty Money, You, Jane the virgin, GreenLeaf, Locked Up, Queen Sono, The Valhalla Murder..

    Say no to unending stress!

    This might be hard too, seeing that some of us are real workaholics. But in the midst of all this work, it’s important to take a break sometimes. Try not to exert yourself too much beyond breaking point. Your body, as well as your skin, will tell the story if you do.


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