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  • What People Ain’t Telling You About Abuja

    What People Ain’t Telling You About  Abuja

    Nigeria is a country blessed with Mineral resources, Various Ethnic groups and culture with 36 states in it. With a diverse culture heritage and different states, you definitely should experience it all amongst places to visit is *ABUJA, PORT HARCOURT, LAGOS, CROSS RIVER AMONGST OTHERS* Talking of which Abuja is one of the few properly planned capital cities in Africa, with its beautiful modern parks, architectural designs and monumental buildings.


    Abuja is indeed a worthy capital city of Nigeria, Abuja has been aptly Tagged the “Center of Unity” due to its physical central position in the country and lack of ethnic and religious differences. Abuja has an estimated population of 6 million people, making it Nigeria’s 4th Largest city. Bordered to the North by Kaduna state, to the South – East by Nassarawa, to the South – West by Kogi state and the West by Niger State. Hey, it’s idara I hope you find this helpful when you pack that bag heading to the FCT.?


    1. A CITY OF MANY HILLS: Abuja’s Cityscape is defined by hills and rocks. Popularly known as the Aso Rock and Zuma Rock (located in the northern part of Abuja.

    2. THE MOST PLANNED CITY IN NIGERIA: In all of Nigeria, Abuja is the only purpose-built city, it was intentionally carved out to become the capital of Nigeria in 1991. So visiting Abuja you should be expecting a seamless transport to boot and an easy and free access road.

    3. THINGS TO DO IN ABUJA: There are a lot of fun places in Abuja regardless of your budget. Most of the time, all you need to take with you is an adventurer’s eye and a good camera.

    https://www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/nigeria/transcorp-hilton-abuja-ABUHITW/index.html?WT.mc_id=zELWAKN0EMEA1HI2DMH3LocalSearch4DGGenericx6ABUHITWBiggest Hotel In Abuja

    4. NIGHTLIFE IN ABUJA: The city is well known for its sophisticated evening and vibrant nightlife, you will notice on the side roads, open spaces converted to relaxation spits referred to as gardens. River plate Park and the Secret Garden are choice gardens for lone relaxation with friends. The clubs, Bars, Live Music, and lounges ensure that your night time is as interesting as your day. You should look out for Cubana, Basement, Safari, Aqua night.

    5. LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING ASO ROCK: Aso rock is the most noticeable feature of Abuja, cause of its significance of the Nigerian Presidential Complex (Dubbed Aso Villa), Supreme Court and National Assembly are all delicately positioned around it, making it the Most powerful rock in Africa.

    6. WHERE TO SHOP IN ABUJA: Abuja has a wonderful variety of malls, supermarkets, and open markets. The open markets stock foodstuff, fresh and dry fish, meat, clothes, electronics, and other household needs. For example WUSE MARKET, CEDI PLAZA, SILVER BIRD GALLERIA.


    Abuja rightly referred to as the *Jump – Off City* to tour in Nigeria, After you visit Abuja, you may wish to get a more wholesome taste of the country.


    Do drop your question, observation, and suggestion down in the comment section below.

    Do remember to have fun while you still can, take that long due break / Vacation. ? to a fun-filled life.



    1. O
      Odo Chidimma
      November 4, 2019 / 12:00pm11

      Very detailed… Relocating soon

      • monica
        November 5, 2019 / 12:00am11

        Thank you, dear! Probably I have been there so many times lol ?

      • monica
        November 14, 2019 / 12:00am11


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