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    Wednesday Coffee Blog

    Happy midweek folk, it’s my Wednesday Coffee Blog post. I can’t imagine it’s Wednesday midweek, march is almost gone but on the bright side, it means I got some good coffee review. This week I went to case study coffee Roasters to enjoy some coffee lattes which gives me the power to say “it’s coffee O clock!”

    My Review: Case Study Coffee Latte enlightened my mind, so I figured there wasn’t a better way to complete my office file audit on this stressful midday week with this sweet, brownish beverage. If you’ve been following this blog but aren’t a huge coffee fan you’ve probably been feeling a little left out, but not today! A coffee latte is a perfect drink for the non-coffee lover. This brew is like R&B music, not like your shower singing music but real R&B like Chris Brown and Usher. Drinking a coffee latte could best be described as meeting Rihanna, everything you could ever imagine and more. So much more. Until next time catch me on the other side!

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