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  • 6 Things You Need To Know About Valentine Day

    6 Things You Need To Know About Valentine Day

    There is a lot of hype involved with Valentine’s Day, but I guess it’s like that for most holidays. Fun Fact, what if I tell I haven’t received a Valentine gift for the past 4 years lol. There was a time when gifts were personal affairs and actually meant something to both the giver and the receiver, and we should all strive to get back to these romantic roots. Me personally I love Valentine’s present but people I have dating are anti-Valentine ( not romantic ) but have some nice gestures. I listed a few gifts ideas that you can do for your partner.


    it’s difficult to find a good old fashioned book these days. Everyone just read E-books on a tablet or listens to audiobooks while walking. Even when you get a physical copy its usually a pretty flimsy little thing with a colorful cover. You rarely see those thick leather-bound hardcovers with beautiful ornaments, the kind of book that you wouldn’t want to drop on your foot. If your spouse has a favorite book that he/she read over and over for a hundred times, you can track down an old edition of it, gift wrap it and give it to him/her with a single flower and a Card. I’m actually reading a book titled ” How to win a friend and influence people” it’s a great book for couples and partners.

    Book 📚

    2. Pet Lover: Adopt a pet for your partner

    I would advise this only to more mature and serious couples, as a pet is a lot of responsibility and there are some people out there who just aren’t capable of taking care of a pet properly. That being said, there are very few things that can compare to a puppy, kitten or little bunny rabbit when it comes to cuteness. This is something you should really go for if you really want to meet his/ her heart.

    3. Who does not love SHOES:

    A lot of male/ females love shoes, and they all have their own preferences when it comes to choosing the right pair. You have got style, color, height and material to worry about, so it is best to just take your significant other for some light shopping a couple of weeks earlier and have him or she try out dresses and shoes *Just for the fun of it*. When he or she sets her eyes on a particular pair, you will know what to get. I would recommend shoes as Valentine’s day gift only to couples who have been together for a while and are a bit more serious about their relationship and also if you trying to alert him/her that you are a responsible partner who cares.


    I’m such a sucker for a romantic getaway but again my past and present lover are Anti-Valentine lol. Getaway is always a great gift for him/ her. This can also be a good idea for couples especially for those who haven’t been together for sometimes and need to rekindle their passion. You will have to give this gift a couple of days in advance so you can celebrate Valentine’s day at your chosen destination. Beautiful options include Mountain Resort, going abroad to a warmer climate or even a simple hiking trip and a dinner at the cottage.

    5. Little Black and Red DRESS:

    This is yet another gift idea that requires a keen fashion sense and more detailed knowledge of your partner’s personal style and preference. For the guys; you will need to know your girl’s size and what type of Clothe fit her best, or you can use some of her other dress as preference point or take her shopping for a few small things beforehand and have her try out some dresses which you could see that as an opportunity to know which she loves best.

    6. Love Letters: WRITE HIM/ HER A LOVE LETTER:

    Sometimes a simple Valentine’s day card just won’t cut it. A great gift doesn’t have to be Flamboyant or expensive, but it needs to be creative. Pick out the right envelope and some fancy paper. Use a fountain pen to write and try to be natural when expressing your feelings, use your own conversational style and write whatever comes to your mind. Attach the letter along with some flowers or a small present like a necklace can be enough.


    Valentine’s day gift doesn’t have to be heart-shaped, fluffy, cuddly or edible for your partner to be wowed by your gesture, practical things can also be very romantic if done right. But just remember that it would also be the thought that counts.

    Thanks for reading I hope this help! ❣️


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