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  • True Botanical Vitamin C Booster Reviews

    True Botanical Vitamin C Booster Reviews

    True Botanical Vitamins Booster is a potent tonic for healthier skin. This Vitamin C Booster supercharges your serum to boost benefits and visibly brighten ( for those who suffer from pimples black spots like me) your skin and firm it as well.. This innovative powder form ensures maximum efficacy at every use.

    True Botanicals Skincare: Reveal Your Most Radiant Skin with our Antioxidant-Rich Boosters. Shop Now

    • VITAMIN C :
    your skin tissues adore vitamin c. and collagen production thrives on it. while you can include this crucial antioxidant in your diet, the most effect way to directly target skin tissue is to apply fresh vitamins c topically.

    True Botanicals Skincare: Pure and Proven Skincare that Addresses the Most Stubborn Skin Issues. Shop Now.

    this potent, ubiquitous plant antioxidant becomes more stable and effective when combined with vitamin c. studies show that when used in concert with vitamin c, ferulic acid doubles photo protection, from 4 fold to 8 fold, as measured by both erythema (redness) and sunburn cell formation.

    This product is people with sensitive skin (myself included), which is the ultimate reason why Its my favorite products for my face. This product won’t cause breakouts or irritation. And if they do, you can simply adjust the amount of Vit C mixed into the serum to find a proportion that agrees with your skin.

    True Botanicals Skincare: Pure and Proven Skincare that Addresses the Most Stubborn Skin Issues. Shop Now.

    This product comes in a powder formulation so it doesn’t lose it strength. So you need to mix it with little water in your palm and apply it on your face.

    Use my Code : TBAFFILIATE15

    I remembered I was on Facebook live and this is what someone said about my face “Hey sis, I think u need to try our cream oh U will be amazed on how it will transform your life oh” I was shocked lol.. I bought this booster and it has almost completely faded my hyper-pigmentation! Since I’m so easily critical of my skin, I had forgotten how pigmented it used to be.

    Super concentrated, bio-active ingredients. Without harm to your health or skin. This is more than anti-aging skincare. This is serious luxury.

    All of this is to say, the vitamin C booster for True Botanical really works. You have to be patient with your skin, before you see results but I highly recommend (Don’t use glycolic peel) you try this product unless you want red instead of faded lol

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    TBAFFILIATE15 15% off

    Xoxo 💋 Here’s Coupon for you 🤍 TBAFFILIATE15 👈🏾 get 15% off using my code.


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