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  • Ukraine Dairies darling

    Ukraine Dairies darling

    So I had a friend in Ukraine and my friend wanted me to come over and visit right.. then

    I heard horrible racist story from people about Ukarine but when I visited my friend it was totally different from what I heard from people. The Ukrainian people seem to be kind, loving and smile a lot.. well that’s what I think lol.. the place isn’t that bad but it’s okay..


    When I visited, it was during the Spring season. I saw snow on all the road, bus stop and in front of every apartments entrance lol. I saw people with more than one jacket on and people covered their whole body and left a little hole on their faces to breathe in air. I actually saw people paying others to clean up the snow flakes in front of their apartment.

    We Americans are afraid of slip and fall lawsuits so we clean our own snow. I also witnessed people who wanted to go somewhere will call the taxi and speak their language ( Ukraine) to order a cab.. I speak English so you can imagine how difficult it was for me..

    The worst part about Ukarine is the language bruh.. I remember I ordered a drink which was Starbucks coffee so I googled and found a nice café and we stop by to get coffee.. Time to order coffee bruh it was like dumb meet dumber.. I just nodded my head, point to pictures and said yes to whatever she was speaking to me in her language.. oh not to forget, I also ended up with a black dust in my coffee when I requested for extra creamer lol. The worst part about Ukarine were the taxi.


    The shopping mall was okay but I recommend it. The Zara store I visited had clothes on display but I’m from America where style meet up fashion. So I pass when it comes to shopping in Ukraine..


    Oh my Gosh, These taxi were old with driver who were sweaty and excessively vulgar. I order one Taxi that had river at the back and the driver look like he was was drunk. I was also followed by a security guy from aisle to aisle went I enter into the supermarket to buy groceries..

    Almost Everything is in their languages including food menus. so I will suggest that you learned a bit of their language before heading over to Ukarine or you will suffer like me. Some of the food I ate tasted horrible and tasteless. I bought a burger from Macdonald and ended up drinking only the juice because I eat the burger!

    ʆմαɡɡαɡες αίη’ϯ ƒɾεε

    Remember they charge you at the airport for your luggage even when the airline says it free. I had to pay for my luggage during my departure.

    If they see a black persons walking by, they look at you like they have seen a ghost lol..

    Landlords talk to you like trash and even has the right to throw your things out of your Apartment when he/she doesn’t like the way the apartment look or you pass a min in their apartment after you terminate your lease!


    Our hotel staffs at Nemo Hotel will start gossiping whenever I dress up and pass the front desk. Weird right? Lol. When they see us coming close to the front desk all of them will keep quiet and start smiling.

    If they see a black persons walking by, they look at you like they have seen a ghost lol..

    Landlords talk to black renters like trash and even has the right to throw your things out of your Apartment when he/she doesn’t like the way the apartment look or you pass a min in their apartment after you terminate your lease

    Bruh you can’t even charge your phone in a store where you buying stuff lol. I remember the worker walking up to me and said “NO” you can’t charge your phone here. Bruh that’s when I realized that America is a great place. yes I said it because I have traveled to so many different places and I can say my freedom of speech is important to me and my generation!


    Food: I enjoy the omelet and toasted bread I had for breakfast at the Nemo hotel upon my arrival and departure in Ukraine.

    I enjoyed watching the Dolphins show at the hotel and I also enjoyed people talking really loud even though I didn’t understand what they were saying to me lol..

    Tap picture to see website

    I love that the US Dollars has more value than their money.. I stop by at a restaurant on my last night ( we got a menu in Ukraine language but they changed it to English) and we did had a great time.. Some of food we order from the menu with Ukraine language was tasteless. English menu had T bone steak with salad. I order it and i did enjoy eating my food.

    I love the fact that the medical university accept black students to study in their university ( mostly all the black students in Ukraine are studying to be doctors) and doing really well. So far that’s sum up to what I like when I visited in Ukraine..


    The answer will be “NO” it’s not a bad country but it’s not for me. So I won’t be returning Ukarine unless it’s necessary to return.. I will suggest that you visit Ukarine in the summer time base on my experience summer time is the best time to visit.. until then meet up with idara in your country okurrrrr!!!!!



    1. August 24, 2019 / 12:00pm08

      If you are lucky enough to meet the woman of your dreams! (I did!) You will most liklely need a translator. If you contact me off line I would be very glad to put you in touch with a trusted, and great guide-translator. I can not do this on this forum as there are certain people that take exception to this. But, so be it. Contact me and I will be glad to tell you about Ukraine .

      • monica
        November 14, 2019 / 12:00am11

        Thank you ?

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