Traveling to Lagos, Nigeria? |You might want to read this

Traveling to Lagos, Nigeria? |You might want to read this

Lagos how I wish I can enjoy you like every tourist that visited and had a lot of good things to say about you. 

2011 I flew with Air France from the USA to Lagos then Edo state. I lost three of my luggage and ended up with a Ghana must go bag. The luggage that got missing was never found, I didn’t get it back and I never got a refund up till now from the airline.

I have always admired Lagos especially pictures, posts, and articles that people post on social media about the city but I have never really had a good experience anytime I take a chance to visit Lagos. 

I visited again in 2018 March and I got stranded at the airport because the person who promised to pick me up got busy. Lol, I couldn’t get to their house due to family members staying in their house, and to top it up that I have to get a Uber and find my way to a hotel in a city I never visited since 2015. Bruh

I don’t know how the Uber system work in Lagos but base on horrible stories I read on blogs I was afraid of what might happen to me. So I stay at the airport for almost 4 hours with swallowing feet and dirty clothes waiting for my friend. I ended up calling my husband who didn’t want me to get stress anymore and he got a flight ticket to Calabar asap.

Let’s get in the gist! 

  • The Taxify that Transfer me from the international airport to the local airport Charge me 3k naira for a 5-minute drive.
  • The cart I used to carry my luggage, the guy charges me $20, when we arrived at the local airport I was charged another $10 to put my luggage on the cart. But I later find out that the cart only cost 300 naira to rent which is less than 2 dollars. ”Shock” 😳

  • I got to immigration and they saw a wine I bought ( declare it) for my husband only for them to refuse me to carry the wine. After paying 2k naira for the wine pass, they Took my lotion, perfume, etc and I almost missed my flight only because they wanted more money. 

After all the hustle, I finally got my luggage at Calabar airport and realized that everything was open and some items were removed from the luggage. 

I bought a ticket in Lagos from Air Piece Airlines, and I flew from Lagos to Monrovia then Abuja, and the plane left me in Lagos (after canceling the flight more than once) and made away with my $460 flight ticket. I ended up getting a new ticket and up till now I haven’t gotten my money from Airpeace airline in Lagos neither did I get a ticket from the company. 

Oh, Let’s talk about security at the airport especially the women. For every one that stops you at the gate or inside the terminal, there’s money involved.

Officials want you to be begging and thanking them as if to say they are doing you a favor to see your loved one. I have never had a good experience anytime I travel or pass-thru Lagos. They will overcharge you, intimidate you and take money from you.

I’m hoping to see things differently when I take another trip but I’m so not looking forward to Lagos wahala. Lagosian has a saying that fits them well lol “ if you can make it in Lagos, you can make it anywhere in the world.” Talk about angry people, lousy people, and rude individuals you will find them all in Lagos. 

If someone is talking to you, you gonna think you guys are arguing or they are mad at you. They appeared to be aggressive, stress out and money greedy. Nothing is free in Lagos and based on my experience, I want to enjoy this Lagos but I don’t know how to go about it. 

I’m planning to see my friend when I visit again I hope to have a good experience this time and give great reviews.

My advice to you tourists please believe what you read about Lagos, what people told you about Lagos. Base on my experience nothing is impossible when it comes to Lagos. 

From another tourist experience to you; open your eyes, act like them ( Lagosian) and be smart or else they will outsmart you.  

Xoxo mauh… You can also enjoy another travel blog below!!!