What you don’t know about Casablanca Morocco

What you don’t know about Casablanca Morocco

Hey there have you been to Casablanca Morocco yet? I think you should take a trip down there. it’s a beautiful city with lots of architecture building, the best bread lol, beautiful mosque, and great people!

My trip to Morocco was filled with good, bad, beautiful, ugly, fun and outrageous, relaxing and funny, but mostly stressful. I went on a mini trip to Casablanca Morocco and I can’t say I did enjoy my trip to Casablanca but you know every city has it PRO & CON. While on this trip, I decided to check out the city. Some of my experience wasn’t pretty good but some of my experience was great! I listed some PRO & CON you can learn before heading to Casablanca!

The People

The market people will harass you to buy things you don’t need, When you are walking on the street toward an attraction and someone approaches you and give you directions (sometimes wrong directions) it’s only for them to ask for money afterward. Yup, it’s pretty annoying to me. I had to pay $10 dollars for a guy to take my pictures and it was not a good picture. A particular incident that we ask a guy who was walking toward us for direction to the mosque.

Remember we just ask him but he offered to take us, we insisted that we were fine knowing it’s gonna come to money lol. He persisted in taking us. We got to the place and he wouldn’t leave us and my friends whisper in my ear “I think the guy wants money” lol we walk up to him and thank you we are good you can go lol. He said and I quote “ I want money” lol I offer him $5 he said it’s too small. Long story short, we ended up giving him $20 dollars for a direction he offered free to us. I’m not saying it wrong to give money but they follow you everywhere you go lol.. Annoying to me.


When a Taxi Driver sees the clear tag on your forehead that says “tourist”, forget it your fare will triple. The taxi driver will charge you more money if you mention that you are staying in a famous hotel. On this trip, a girl got sick and we needed to take her to the hospital. Hotel calls for a Taxi and we paid 50 Dirham their currency. We got to the hospital to register $30 dollars, to see the doctor prescribe medicine $50 dollars. Oh, they don’t give you the medicine you have to buy it from the pharmacy( which cost $90) with a prescription from the doctor.

Back to our Taxi driver, remember I mentioned they followed you even if you don’t want them to follow you. Well, guess what our Taxi driver was waiting for us outside because he saw the tag on our face that screamed “tourist”, lol. I ask him to take us to a pharmacy. We got in the car and he started the meter. After taking us to two places that were closed he insisted on us paying him before going to the next. I noticed the meter was off and he shows us the green money ( 500 Dirham) for a ten-minute distance. We pay and out of a sudden, he took us to a pharmacy that was closer to our hotel we bought the medicine. He took us back to our hotel which was 3 minutes drive and this man was asking for the same green money ( 500 Dirham) now I was upset and I told my friend to call the hotel security to speak their language and ask him our fare. You will be surprised this driver told the security 50 Dirham. Annoying right? so be careful when ordering a taxi in Morocco.


They just don’t care if it makes you feel uncomfortable, the more the better. They feel good about it, and that’s the worst. They will stare at you like you look retarded or like you shit on yourself. We enter the restaurant at our hotel and the staring begins, I mean bartenders, servers, etc were all looking at us. I told my friend to let me take our food upstairs please because I was uncomfortable sitting in a restaurant where I was the center of attraction.


* Bread: If there is something I loved in Morocco, that is this tradition is their freshly baked bread. At breakfast, lunch, dinner or on a break, fresh bread is there, taste as if it was just from the oven. It’s amazing to see how they had several selections of bread, not to mention how soft and tastily delicious! Not forgetting our favorite couscous. Oh my gosh, No one can make a better couscous than a Moroccan!

ᗩᖇᑕᕼITEᑕTᑌᖇE Iᔕ ᗩᗰᗩᘔIᑎG!

The building, old towns, are paradise all for architecture admirers. They are in every corner, streets, city gates, doors and windows, colorful steps, mosques and palaces, and a variety of colorful tiles. It’s inspiring!


This is the reason I will be returning to Morocco in November. It is absolutely incredible how the country is photogenic. Doors and windows, palaces and Islamic schools, mosques and museums, gardens and streets, and ocean. Yes, Morocco is impressive, and yes you will return home with millions of pictures, to say the least.


Did we have bad experiences? Yes! But, we also met amazing and honest people. Some helped us (as the nurse) without asking money for money in return. To be honest, Morocco is beyond a beautiful picture. My trip to Morocco was a beautiful, great and learning experience. Was it worth it? Definitely! Would I be returning? Yes of course! Do we recommend it? Yes, to all travelers.



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