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  • Things You Might Not Know About Me

    Things You Might Not Know About Me

    Shopping sometimes, especially with the ladies can be elaborate and we at some point we need a pinch ? *no offense ladies*. Shopping on a budget means that you decide in advance, how much money you have to spend and then stick to your limits. Overspending in one area means the money has to come from another part of your budget, so it’s important to give careful consideration to any changes before you implement them. Make good choices and think long and hard before spending any money, to help you stay within your limits. I still remain your humble girl, *Monica da Trophy? Wife a.k.a Idara Shakara??.*

    This promises to be very educating.

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    Below are a few tips on how you shop without breaking your account.

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    Before you decide how much you have for shopping, figure out your income and then budget for essentials such as housing and utilities. List in expenses in order of importance, and then use your income to pay for the essentials in that order. Keep to the budget you have set for yourself and avoid impulse buying.

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    Make a list before you go to the store and make sure you stick to it. Purchase food in bulk whenever possible and prepare large meals, so you can freeze a portion for later use. Buy discounted meats that are close to pull date, then either cook or freeze the meat the same day.

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    People tend to spend more when using credit cards, putting them over their budget limits. Save the credit card for a real emergency, and they make it a priority to pay off the balance as quickly as possible. Pay cash whenever possible so that you see exactly where your money is going.

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    Shopping online for many free items you need, gives you access to many more choices than you typically have in one geographical area, plus it helps you to avoid impulse buying. Look for discount coupons and free shipping offers to get the most from online shopping.

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    If you live on a tight budget, the best way to shop for the extras you want is to save up for them, instead of going overboard on a big expense in a single month and coming up short in other areas. Put away a portion of what you will need every month for several months in advance. Once you have the entire amount saved, you can pay upfront for what you want without the worry of a credit card bill.

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    You don’t have to count every penny, but it’s good to know where your money goes. Being disciplined with your money? feels good, but remember to have some fun too??. If having a few bucks to spend impulsively makes you happy, then build it into your budget and find things you enjoy that don’t require a lot of money.?

    Do drop your observations, Suggestions, and Questions in the comment section below, Thanks for being here always… ??Here is to getting it right and not breaking a bank achieving it ??

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