Not far from the Canadian Border, Bellingham is not only a Northeast gem of a city, it represents everything the region has to offer. With seaside access to the San Juan Islands and only a stone’s throw from North Cascades National Park, outdoor recreation is easy to find in Bellingham and so in Pacific Northwest Culture. With many Museums and numerous local storefronts, Bellingham is also home to Western Washington University, putting a Notable college town twist to this city of 82,000. Whether it is the friendly faces in the streets or the abundance of trailheads to explore, it’s clear that *BELLINGHAM* is one city in Washington worth more than just a simple weekend visit.

Downtown Bellingham ?

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1. YOUR LUNGS WILL THANK YOU: Bellingham is one of the top cities in the U.S in terms of clean air, ranking *25th* as reported by the E.P.A and the American Lung Association. Ever smell a just plain Fresh Scented Yankee Candle? Now, imagine that, but fresher?.

2. PREPARE FOR THE SWARM OF COLLEGE KIDS: While Bellingham has its fair share of “Seasoned” residents, it’s also populated by Western Washington University’s 15, 000 students who will line up in local businesses at a moment’s notice.

Haggen Fairhaven Market

Farmers Market

3. WOW YOUR BRAIN AT MINDPORT: Bellingham is home to Mindport, a hands-on museum featuring natural science, ecology photography and art exhibits. At only two bucks a pop, a family outing at Mindport can’t fail. Especially with kids Around they will love playing recordings of their voices backward and listening to the water drop rhythm of marbles rolling down the wooden sound sculpture.

Mount Bakery Cafe Downtown, Bellingham

Bellingham’s Best Benedict from Mount Bakery Cafe

4. BELLINGHAM IS HOME OF THE MEGAZAPPER: That’s right. You can get zapped (pain-free) at the spark, Museum of Electrical Invention in one of the world’s largest Tesla coil “lighting machines”. Patrons are able to stand inside the lightning cage and get a load of what four million volts of loose electricity looks like.

5. YOU’LL HAVE A WHALE OF TIME: Bellingham is home to several seasonal whale watching tours. There are also tours available in nearby British Columbia or by hopping on one of the ferries headed to the San Juan Islands.

6. CAMPING GALORE: Look forward to a swell time camping, although Bellingham does not have proper campsites per se, by there are several nearby spots to pitch a tent, including Larrabee State Park on Samish Bay and Thousand Trails Campground.

Bay Area at Night,

7. YOU BETTER JOG TO THE GYM: Be You Old or Young it’s no matter especially if you love to exercise, Bellinghamsters love to exercise and there are more gyms to service the 80,000 residents than one would think necessary. Because the parking lots are full at all hours of the day.

8. DON’T SPEED *EVER *: While in other cities, it’s generally safe to drive about five miles or more over the speed limit without fear of a ticket especially in *Nigeria* ?, well not so in Bellingham. If you are not driving the speed limit or less the local cops will pull you over and write you up. We actually got pullover after our night at EL Agave Mexican restaurant


#44 on Menu.

9. BELLINGHAM HAS CONNECTIONS: Bellingham is conveniently positioned in between several major cosmopolitan cities. It is just an hour and a half north of Seattle and an hour south of Vancouver. And with easy access to the San Juan Islands, Mount Baker, and North Cascade Mountains, there is always a stunning view just a short drive or bike ride away.

10. THE SUMMERS ARE GRAND: Bellingham is known for mild summers, with the temperature peaking in the 70s and the daylight extending well into the evening. While the Summers are divine. The winters can be a bit dreary. The cloud cover keeps the sun hidden most days and doctors will be prescribing you Vitamin D supplements especially October through to March.

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