The Benefits of Using Face Mask!

The Benefits of Using Face Mask!

The heavy makeup we apply to beautify us can make us look not so good if not properly removed at night. Ladies I can bet anything some of y’all don’t even wash or wipe your face properly after a hang out with friends.

These foundation products are known to cause rashes, acnes and uneven skin tone when not properly washed out of the skin.

It’s much advisable to wash your face after an outing, wipe towel dry (not bathing towel) and apply moisturizer. Face masking every other week decreases your face from pimples, wrinkles and uneven skin color. Below I listed some of the benefits you will get from Face Masking.


Unclog your pores

Face Masking with a product that contains Glycerin, Diatomaceous Earth and Carbon Black ingredients helps to remove dirt and absorb excess oils from your face. Charcoal mask products help remove dead skin cells that accumulate on your face and it also detox your face. We all know that clogged pores are nothing but trouble. Clogged pores will cause you excessive pimples and stress. Clogged pores will give your face blemish skin color, excessive breakouts and a giant pimple that will make your life miserable for several days. Regular face masking will help to keep the surface of your face feeling clean and leaving your face fresh like a baby..

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Glowing Skins

Let’s talk about the kind of Face Masks, below this post you will see some my Favorite face mask I used regularly. I prefer the charcoal mint face mask because It help stimulate the blood circulation on my face.

When I apply the mask on my face, it feels cold, then it dry up on my face and get it hard forming a clay. When I remove the clay mask from my face it causes an expansion of the blood vessels on face and it leave my face feeling softer and smoother. I will notice that my face will start glowing and my skin will be looking like a toddler butt. The mint aroma will relax your nerves and you will feel that tingly sensation just like a peppermint.

I also used the Tea Tree Soothing & Hydrating Peel-Off Facial Mask. I normally used this product because my body gets dehydrated all the time.. I don’t know why but I get dehydrated most of the times even if I drink water constantly.. I have to get electrolytes in my body everyday if not my skin will be dry like a lizard lol.. The ingredients in this product is so good.. it’s has WATER, APHLOIA, BIOTIN, CELLULOSE, COLLAGEN ( take away wrinkles) GLYCERIN and it’s fragrant free.

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It’s much advisable to wash your face with warm water and wipe it with clean towel dry (not your bathing Towel ) Apply a thin layer, avoiding your eyes. Allow 15-20 minutes to dry up. Gently peel off the mask and rinse with warm water again. Then apply moisturizer. You should detoxify and condition your face 1-2 times a per week.

These have been known to help keep the skin even-tone, soft as a baby’s clear of rashes and pimples free.


Don’t just be body conscious, take extra care of your face. It’s the first thing people see when they see you. Don’t worry about money, a clean wash will always go a long way to take out the stress from our under eye.