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  • Suicide isn’t the answer to your problems but yourself!

    Suicide isn’t the answer to your problems but yourself!

    Don’t turn to suicide rely on God words!

    I know you have seen this statement multiple times that “Suicide is not the answer” but you are still going through the same struggle, financial crisis, Heartbreak, depression, Family problems, finding a job, abandonment, etc..

    I will use myself as an example for you to take courage and get your life together. I met someone years ago and I thought he was my everything but he left me when I needed him.

    I did everything humanly possible to make sure the relationship work but I was just not the one for him. So during our separation things got nasty and messy. I was doing things to hurt him and he was doing things to get back at me. He left me months to our wedding, He left me with weddings debts, He took my car from me, he call police on me, took me off his insurance, He refuses to my rent, He refused to give me spousal benefits, I had a miscarriage and he told me I quote “ thank God you lost the baby so I don’t have to get stuck with you”, He said all kinds of mean things to me, He messy up my credit score because I had to start school, Told people I was terrible towards him, He told people I cheated when he was the one I caught with multiple women multiple times and the lists goes on. Oh my gosh, it was terrible to the extent that I couldn’t keep my apartment I had to move in with my parents. I thought about suicide so many times and I thought about ending my life so that everything will go away.

    Despite all that was going on in my life, I turn to people who I use to call family and they all turn their back on me. Some Family members were telling people we told her so and it’s her fault, she will never get pregnant because of so and so. This same extended family went on Facebook live saying all kinds of mean things about me and created all kinds of false allegations to get me deported from America. Why they hate me and did what they did, up till now I don’t know.

    To make matters worse some of my Ex Friends I told about what’s going on in my previous relationship went on Facebook live and explained everything to their millions of followers about what was going on with my then Ex-boyfriend, share their live videos to every platform and they all laugh at me in their comment session.

    I was embarrassed and shame. I cry myself to sleep every day and night. I woke up one morning with these multiple messages from different people on Facebook saying this same Ex friend of mine started sending nasty messages to multiple people on my Facebook friends list claiming I’m lesbian, calling my mother ugly and they cyberbully me for days. Oh it was terrible and the worst time of my life. I cried to extend my BP went up to 180 I was monitor by a nurse. I sat down in my room and I took the pills bottle and said I’m gonna end it so everyone can leave me alone.. that was when I realized Life is a precious gift from God.

    I heard a voice as if someone was talking to me and the voice said “just a little bit of Faith” I look around and nobody was there. With tears in my eyes I could still hear the voice in my ear “ A little bit of faith you will be fine”. Immediately I drop the bottle and I started praying in the Holy Ghost. I pray for hours and I slept off after praying. I did not look back ever in that situation.

    Is everything okay now? Not yet but I’m working on it every day. There are problems everywhere but overcoming is the victory. Where you are today doesn’t determine your destination. I’m happy I got my life back, I’m married to an amazing man, I have a job I love so much, I’m living my best life, I smile often, I pray a lot, I’m in school, I’m fixing my credit, I have a place to sleep and above all I have God who didn’t leave me when everyone left.

    I hardly get discouraged because I’m rooted in God words.. if you are facing challenges and there’s no where to turn, please turn to your bible.

    Tips on getting your life back!

    Pray like you never pray before and have faith in God words. If you ever feel depressed or worthless think about things that you can do to make you happy.

    ◦ Listen to music : I listen to music a lot and I get really happy by listening to music I mean all kinds of music lol.

    ◦ Reach out to people who guinuely care about you and your growth. Discuss with people you trust about what’s going on and where you need help.

    ◦ Go to the movie and restaurant : You don’t necessarily have to go with someone. I go to a movie and restaurants alone all day and every day. I go as if I’m on o date. I buy myself popcorn and drink.

    ◦ Make yourself important and take hold of life. Protect your energy and peace from people who constantly brings you down. If you discuss with someone and they told you this person say this and that about you.. my darling block them and change your number. Works fine for me all the time.

    If none of this makes sense to you it’s okay to seek professional advice and help because I believe they are well educated to help you. Again Suicide is never and will never be the answer to your problems but yourself.

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