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‘’Hey pretty!!!’’ He commented on my post. I know I decided to check his Facebook lol don’t blame me we all do it. I saw a video of him jogging. He was dripping in sweat but so brown and beautiful. Like freshly baked chocolate cake with vanilla and strawberry toppings… With little beards and muscles. I could virtually see through his sleeveless shirt.

His dreamy eyes, piercing deep through me as I could smell his cologne from where he was…

‘’Hi, handsome’’ As I commented and smiled sheepishly… That was the moment I knew I wanted this handsome man for myself

Yea that’s the guy down I’m about to marry folks. So fine…. Let’s cut the long and short. He’s mine now.BOOM!!!

See ladies, it’s not a crime to see what you want and go after it… I’m not saying you should put yourself out there, looking desperate, but make few moves and BOOM!! He comes chasing you …like you’re the air he breathes…

Sitting pretty

Well, here are some tips for you, I think it might help you.

I discovered early enough that most amazing men are sapiosexual (intelligence is a turn on for them) though they are really few in today’s generation.

These kind of men are quite amazing, they involve you in intellectual conversations, as well you get to learn a lot from them.

They are interested in your personal goals and ambition; such men are good to run to for pieces of advice in life decisions.

Well, show him you can hold down that convo as long as he wants to but try not to be boring.

  • Men love women who are witty or sassy as some call it, it’s being full of yourself but in a good way.it shows you know what u are doing and you are confident about it.
  • Be spontaneous, it shows you don’t let fear rule you, you’re adventurous and ready to go out and tackle life. No man wants a dull and boring lady… yea.. Trust me on this, I’m very adventurous.
  • When he finally decides to take you on a date, my dear, at least offer to pay for yourself, by doing this, it communicates you can actually handle things on your own…He will still pressure to pay, which is fine but you already passed the message.
  • Once in awhile plan a cool date.. Take him to a fancy cool lace, the beach, a lighthouse, something memorable. it doesn’t have to be expensive but I’m sure he will so cherish the memories.
    Finally, respect yourself; men commit to women they respect, and if u want to gain respect baby gurl, you gotta respect yourself….

When you get your CandyMan to make sure you give me feedback lol.

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