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  • The Thirty Days Self Love Challenge

    The Thirty Days Self Love Challenge

    Do you love yourself? The most likely response would be, “why not?” But then,do you really love yourself? Do you enjoy your own company? Have you been hurt so badly that you don’t want to go on? Or are you just going through life’s phases barely living?

    Self-love is a very sensitive issue which is easily misunderstood. Sometimes, people think of it as an excuse for being selfish and proud. But self-love is important to fully accept ourselves and use the best of our abilities to make great strides in life. Before others, you need to first love yourself selflessly, regardless of anything. That’s the only way you can truly love others. Yes, the road is rough, so rough that you are bound to make mistakes and get hurt along the way. But in spite of that, be gentle with yourself.

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    So, here comes the self-love challenge. No, it’s not only for those who are battling with depression, have been badly hurt or are bound by chains of shame, fear, guilt and anger. This challenge is for everyone, to remind you of your uniqueness and why you love you. Let’s go!

    Day 1

    What are the things you love most about yourself and why do you love them? Think about the favourite things about yourself and note them down.

    Day 2

    What are the best compliments you’ve received? Put them down, ruminate on each of them and remind yourself how true they are.

    Day 3.

    Think about the things most important to you and why they’re important to you. What are your values and strongest points?

    Day 4

    Write down five things you don’t love about yourself. Have you made efforts to be better? If not, make a resolution to do better.

    Day 5

    What are your dreams and aspirations? Write them in a journal and tick off the ones you’ve achieved and list steps you can take to achieve the others.

    Day 6

    Schedule one hour of quiet time. If you’re a Christian, Muslim or whatever religion you believe in, medidate on your holy book for at least one hour and jot down salient points.

    Day 7

    Spend time with yourself, doing what you love. Yes, pamper yourself. Get a massage, use a face mask, buy good chocolate and just enjoy your own company.

    Day 8

    Treat yourself out. Get a massage or makeover. If you can afford it, go shopping, but spend wisely.

    Day 9

    Read a book and medidate. How has it affected your life? What are the lessons you learnt and how do you plan to apply them?

    Day 10

    Take a short walk and revel in the beauty all around you. Hear the birds singing and the air around you whispering “I love you”. Remind yourself that you are a big part of life’s ecosystem of life and you matter greatly.

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    Day 11

    Close your eyes and think of anyone or anything that has hurt you badly in the past. Forgive them, even if it hurt a lot. It’s for the best.

    Day 12

    Forgive yourself. What did you do that you’ve refused to forgive yourself for? What prison have you locked yourself up in your head and punished yourself daily? It’s time to let go.

    Day 13

    Watch a movie you love, laugh and cry if you need to. Don’t worry, no one’s watching.

    Day 14

    Learn something you’ve always wanted to learn. Take that class on YouTube or attend that music lesson.

    Day 15

    Call your close friends and family, remind them of how important to you.

    Day 16

    Go on a date with yourself or with friends who you’re comfortable with.

    Day 17

    Explore somewhere new. Maybe that new spot in your town or the next. Just go out where you’ve never been before.

    Day 18.

    Try out a new food. Maybe something you’ve never cooked, but saw a recipe online. Or perhaps that special delicacy you saw at your favourite restaurant.

    Day 19.

    Think about your each one of your friends and identify those that drain you. Limit the amount of time you spend with them.

    Day 20

    Reflect on your most difficult relationship and pick out the lessons learned from it. What could you have done better? Make a decision to work on your flaws.

    Day 21

    Meditate for some minutes everyday. Mediation helps you relax your nerves, calm down and engage your inner energy.

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    Day 22

    Look into the mirror and repeatedly tell yourself how much you love you. Repeat to yourself:

    ” I love you! You mean the world to me! You are the best version of yourself everyday!” Close your eyes and let your words caress you until they settle deep into your subconscious.

    Day 23

    Dance is good for the body, mind and soul, even if you’re not a good dancer. Pick out music that you love and dance to yourself, away from distractions of others.

    Day 24

    Do some random act of kindness. Volunteer to help the needy and give back to the society. Great joy comes from putting smiles on the faces of others.

    Day 25

    Show gratitude. Every night before bed, think of three things which you’re grateful for. Perhaps that beautiful compliment you received or maybe the stranger who made you smile.

    Day 26.

    Exercises are great for the body. Focus on exercising to burn down excess fat and achieve your dream shape.

    Day 27.

    Are you a writer, then you could write about love for yourself. Writing is a beautiful form of self expression, so write a love letter to yourself.

    Day 28

    Watch a sunrise or sunset. Reflect on the beauty all around you and be thankful for the precious gift of life.

    Day 29

    Make a list of your achievements and read about them. Reading about your little successes taps into your positive energy and encourages you to do better.

    Day 30.

    What have you learnt in the last 30days? Do you feel you love yourself better after this exercise? Reflect on all you’ve learnt and note it in a journal.

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    Congratulations! You’ve spent thirty days building your relationship with the most important person in your life, you! Self-love is an everyday thing. So keep improving and becoming better versions of you!


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