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    Leaving the wide-open spaces of a small town and heading to the concentrate jungle of a big city is exciting and nerve-wracking, and totally worth it. When you are ready to live your urban dream, it’s crucial that you have a good idea of what exactly what you are getting into. Transitioning from the relaxed pace of small-town life to the hustle and bustle of the city is more than geography. Cause you need to be prepared mentally, emotionally and sometimes even physically (believe it or not, you are likely to do far more walking on the streets than you did back home on country roads). I hope you find it helpful.


    1. BIG CITY HOUSING: Apartment shopping in a big city is likely to be a bit of a shock. And not just because of the rent price, be prepared to pay more for living accommodations, but also for that monthly payment to bring you a lot less. Getting your mattress is the first step before any other thing.

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    2. SETTLING IN: When all your stuff is finally in place, it’s time to explore your new neighborhood because traffic and parking are such a nightmare in most cities, navigate your new city on foot. Try and locate the nearest market, coffee shop, diner and if you aren’t sure of where to try, ask a local.

    3. PUTTING YOUR SMARTPHONE TO WORK: Like never before. Use apps for directions, ferreting out local hotspots ( You don’t want to look like a tourist *You live there now* ) and finding Public Transportation. Research the fastest routes to work, the gym and other places you frequent. Find out whether walking, biking, driving or public transportation is the best option. Depending on your city, you may want to live without a car. Chances are the bus will get you to work faster and with less hassle than driving.

    4. ACT LIKE A LOCAL: No one wants to move to the urban jungle and be constantly mistaken for a tourist. The sooner you start acting like you belong, the faster you will stop being addressed as a newbie or JJC. But you have to understand that Respecting personal space is a big deal in a crowded city. Walk at the same pace as everyone else. Don’t take it personal when almost no one makes eye contact or flashes a smile.

    5. GET A JOB FAST: If you already have a job secured in the destination city, then you will have one less thing to worry about. However, if the major reason to move to a big city is to find a good or a better job, then it is time to start thinking about dipping your toes into the vast, mysterious and often unpredictable market. Update your resume but get mentally ready for a tough fight. Try not to get discouraged by the fierce job competition visit career fairs and also look for personal recommendations to make your resume stand out from the rest.

    6. BUDGET FOR THE BIG CITY COST OF LIVING: Moving to a big city with no money to spare can be really challenging. You will soon learn (the hard way) that living in a big city is more expensive than living in a small town, the housing, food, transportation, utilities and even taxes will usually be much pricier than what you are used to paying. As a result, the higher cost of living in the big city will require much tighter control of your finances after all you want your money to stretch out as far as possible.


    7. MAKE AN EFFORT TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS: Big city moving is very different from the life in a small town. Everything seems bigger and is moving much faster than the pace you are used to. When moving to a big city, the worst thing you could do is seek solitude. Do not barricade yourself in your new place, as spending too much time alone can bring about a foe you may know little about *Relocation depression* instead, use the best antidote against separation anxiety *Making New Friends*

    BONUS ADVICE: To make things even more complicated, the process of moving to the night city itself will introduce high levels of stress and anxiety. Leave the preparation and actual transportation of your things in the hand of experienced movers.


    Living in larger cities also mean being surrounded by drastically more people. With more people comes more diversity and you may find yourself learning more about other cultures that you have never encountered before. There are always things to do in the big city. But it is important to prioritize time for Self – Care too. FOMO is real, but so is the fatigue of working hard and partying harder. Take some time off to enjoy a movie or relax on the couch, so you can appreciate all the fun and exciting things you will do when you are back to 100%. And, of course always take the time to revisit your small town roots for a breath of fresh air.

    Thanks for reading. As always drop your suggestions, questions, and observation in the comment section down below. We will also be conducting a Thanksgiving and Christmas giveaway so stay tuned. Love y’all ?




    1. February 13, 2020 / 12:00pm02

      Thank you for this post as I will be relocating to another state very soon. I enjoyed reading about what to expect. I hope you are doing well in your new surroundings. Thanks again. God bless you!

      • monica
        February 16, 2020 / 12:00am02

        thank you. im doing great and exploring. wish you well and God bless you too

    2. L
      Lynda Jane
      November 14, 2019 / 12:00am11

      Beautiful piece… Brings back the memory of when I almost relocated to Lagos ? after 3days, I ran back

      Can’t wait for the Christmas giveaway ???

      • monica
        November 14, 2019 / 12:00am11

        Ahahahahah I just experience the same thing

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