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    “A jealous girlfriend does a better Investigation than FBI”

    The first time I heard this quote I laughed my head off. As funny as it may sound, it’s 90% true.We all at one point or the other must have been jealous in a relationship.

    I think it’s very normal to be jealous, it shows you care and you can’t share the person. Everyone has a bit of jealousy in them and that’s very ok. But some of us tend to be extremist in this “jealousy business”.

    Going as far as spying or snooping on him, going through his phones when he’s away or asleep, some even time his distance from the office to the house.

    I was once an extremist in jealousy. Even after he locked his phone with a password, I hacked it without his knowledge. Lol

    The more I check his phones, the more sad, bitter and heartbroken I become. I get angry over everything, even a “hello” from an unknown lady.

    Depression and inferiority complex stepped in. I started feeling less of myself and worthless. He didn’t know because I didn’t want to tell him I hacked his phone. He was happy with life but I wasn’t. And I ended the relationship.

    I took time out to heal myself and love myself. During this healing time, I realized that “my happiness is solely my responsibility”.

    Relying on others for your happiness is a mirage. Snooping, spying or turning into an FBI agent for your relationship sake won’t stop a guy from cheating.

    It’ll make him do worse things. I taught and is still teaching myself all these but it helped me heal.

    So whenever you are together with your partner, enjoy the moment and make the best of it. Stop the unnecessary worry and save yourself the hurt of going through his phone and spying on him.

    The truth is once you start snooping, you’ll never stop.

    Take charge of your happiness!



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      August 15, 2019 / 12:00pm08

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      • monica
        November 14, 2019 / 12:00am11

        Thank you for your feedback

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