Raw Salmon with Pancake? ?

Raw Salmon with Pancake? ?

Yes people I ate Raw Salmon Fish with pancake at the LAGO Italian Restaurant lmao… Now with that being said, let me tell y’all what happen and let me allow y’all to laugh at me.

??So I met a friend who I haven’t seen in a long time in traffic and we wanted to gist.. Y’all supposed to know girls and gossip lmao.. You know from all the tea she was putting out I wanted to know what’s going on with her as well because I heard she’s married to a very rich man.. so folks from all the excitement of seeing her and talking about our childhood memories I wanted us to go somewhere quiet and talk.

What I order lol

?? I quickly got on my phone and put Siri to work “where’s the nearest restaurant? Trust Siri to do work for you. Siri search and the nearest one was the LAGO Italian Restaurant with five stars and great reviews. So I pick the restaurant and we decided to drive there since it’s close. My friend was driving behind me in her Porsche while I lead the way with my Honda Civic lol..


??We arrived the restaurant you wouldn’t believe the place looks amazing, quite and well decor. The view is breath taking and and astonishing.. We order for Red wine and some Appetizers to chew on until our food come to the table.. Now here’s the funny part of the story. Lol I look at the menu and

I saw salmon on the menu and some sides that come with it which included fries, greens beans etc.. so me being on a diet, I requested if they could make me a pancake as a replacement they agreed and we sit down to continue our conversation. Few minutes later I saw the server bringing our food and I was shocked because it didn’t take long to be done..


??I reach out to the server and place the plates on the table.. when I remove the cover on the plate, oh my Gosh AMAKA DISAPPOINT ME!!!! My plate had Raw salmon and pancake. I did attempted to eat it but I couldn’t and I ended up paying $73.00 USD for Raw salmon fish and one pancake without eating the food.

??The aim of writing this article or sharing my story with y’all is to communicate the important of detailed information, focused and it’s ok to ask questions if you don’t know something. Is this restaurant bad absolutely not it has variety of foods I just pick the wrong one.

Idara. E


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  1. L
    Lynda Jane
    August 5, 2019 / 12:00am08

    LThis one is Lago disappoint me ?

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