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  • Protect your Energy

    Protect your Energy

    You have the right to decide who, and what is important to you!

    Some people have to wait to get your attention only because they are distractions to you!

    If you cut out distractions, you will have peace, happiness, freedom, fulfillment and God’s purpose for your life!

    Be straight forward with folks and stop talking to anyone who’s distracting with foolishness and reconstruct your environment!

    God needs you to remove search for people from your life so he can bring the ones you need in your life.

    Clean up and don’t be afraid to say NO because NO is a sentence. No will save your life, restore your peace and happiness.

    Don’t surround yourself with people who don’t celebrate with you, get those people out of your life.

    Repeat this ?? to yourself every day!

    Lord Help me and deliver me from distractions.

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