Here are Ten Plants you could grow in your Garden:

Here are Ten Plants you could grow in your Garden:

So you have decided to plant a vegetable garden, Congratulations! You have made an excellent choice. Not only will you have a source of inexpensive, fresh vegetables, you will also be charged with how your crops are grown, the kinds of soil you are working with for your garden.

Plants is an excellent stress buster, it’s one of the easiest activities for you to practice mindfulness. Working with the earth is a natural antidote for anxiety, worry, physical health and it is an excellent way to exercise.

Well since you have decided to start your own garden, get your hand dirty and starting growing your garage all by yourself —-

Here is a list of Ten (10) Plants you could grow in your Garden:


Tomatoes come in many varieties, which offer fruits of every sizes and shape and size. Depending on what kind you are growing, you will want to arrange the young plants anywhere from 12 – 48 inches apart.

Here is a list of Ten (10) Plants you could grow in your Garden
My tomatoes I plant near my door


Tomatoes and Basil make a great combination in spaghetti sauces and in your Garden, the two plants may help each other grow as Basil serves as a natural bug repellant that drives off unwanted insects that might otherwise eat the herb or munch on your tomato fruit. In some findings, it is said that planting the two near each other somehow gives the tomato a much better flavor.


Another hardy herb, which is ridiculously easy to grow, in fact, mint does so well outdoors that the biggest challenge associated with it is keeping the plant from taking over your whole garden.


Whether you are hungry for their seeds or just like to look at them, Sunflowers are a terrific choice for first time garden. They don’t need much in the way of fertilizing, they can thrive in all but the soggiest soils and they extremely adapt to weathering drought. Plant yours out in the open and be sure to keep them a fair distance away from any other plants you might be cultivating, as a row of tall sunflowers can throw unwanted shade onto neighboring veggies.


You can grow potatoes in a vast row across your backyard, but if space is limited, you can cultivate potato plants in a bottomless half-bushel baskets, a trash can with some holes drilled into the base also make effective containers.


This is one of the cold weather crops a Gardener could ask for. Easy to plant and cultivate. You can start harvesting your spinach leaves whenever they reach the desired size.


Pansies are resilient enough to survive winter temperatures, including several that have been specifically bred for a really hot or really cold environment. Pansies do best in direct sunlight but still give the plant some shade which means you can strategically plant them so they can spend at least three to four hours in the shadows per day and make sure that they get an inch of water each week.


They are very easy to plant, that certain radishes may be ready for harvest just 22days after planting, while others may need up to 70 days.


As far as Gardening is concerned, Marigolds definitely fall into the fool – proof category. Just about any bedding type will suit them, although moist, well-drained soils are preferable.


If you are looking for a bountiful harvest, try planting Zucchinis, not only are they easy to grow but they are amazingly prolific like within a few short weeks, your garden will be churning out enough to feed a small army. Six to eight weeks later, you can start harvesting.

You can’t say too many good things about a veggie garden. Sure they are a lot of hard work but the joy and satisfaction they bring is priceless, and when you are harvesting the delicious, nutritious rewards of your effort, you will forget all about the work part?

Thanks for reading xoxo from your plant’s mom.