6 Places To See In Vancouver

6 Places To See In Vancouver

Vancouver is one of North America’s most underrated tourist destinations. It is a modern, travel- friendly city with a unique mix of cultures. The relatively mild Pacific Northwest climate and an energetic restaurant and nightlife scene are other features that make it an attractive city. Vancouver is a city unlike any other, wherever you look, you see water or mountains, or both and everything looks healthy. Vancouver is Manhattan with mountains and also a liquid city???how amazing right. This will help you gain an insight as to what to look forward to when going there.



1. SPECTACULAR & SAFE SETTING: Majestic mountains, sparkling ocean, rainforests and beautiful foliage throughout all four seasons make Vancouver one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Canadians are known for their friendly nature and you should expect a warm welcome and ambiance because Vancouver’s citizens take great pride in welcoming. Also expect clean, safe streets (day or night) all year round. I feel safe anytime I travel to Canada and I’m not saying my country America is safe, it’s just peaceful to me

2. EXCITING ACTIVITIES: On arrival to Vancouver you should expect that you can enjoy world-class shopping, gourmet meals, outstanding live entertainment, sporting events, theatre, outdoor adventure, spectacular sights, and attractions. Stanley Park was definitely one of my favorite highlights of my sightseeing activities. On the side of the Park, the had a park call Prospect Park that gives you the whole view of the city and the view of the river.

Stanley Park!

3. SUPERIOR SERVICE & VALUE: Vancouver’s hotels, restaurant and business community offer outstanding levels of service and product quality. Hence, you should look forward to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations cause that is the top priority of a Vancouver’s business, providing friendly assistance every step of your trip. And with a consistently advantageous exchange rate on the Canadian dollar, you can have a world-class experience with superior value for your money. My friend and I didn’t rent our hotel in Vancouver, BC, Canada but we did book a room at the Four Point hotel by Sheraton which was closer to the border of Canada.

Four point Hotel by Sheraton!

4. GATEWAY TO ADVENTURE: With quick and easy access to Whistler, the Canadian Rockies, Victoria, Vancouver Island and of course, endless year-round water and land sports, whether you are looking for extreme sports or family fun, you will find your personal adventure here. I walk through downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada and I was amazed by the people, tourist attractions, houses, skyscraper buildings, shopping stores, etc. It was a breathtaking adventure and a learning experience.

Downtown Vancouver

5. HIKE THE GROUSE GRIND: There is no better way to become an Honorary Vancouverite (Yep… that is what they are called) than to earn your stripes on the Grouse Grind. Nicknamed “Mother Nature’s Staircase, this is no Sunday stroll. For those of you who love hiking, it’s a great place to go hiking during the summertime.

The view of the city!

7. FOOD: The highlight of my day after walking for hours was the food.? oh my Gosh, my friend took me to this cool pizza place that sells both health ( Keto & Gluten-Free) food and regular pizza as well.

pizza Bar in North Vancouver!

Blaze Pizza

We also stop by at my favorite local coffee shop Tim Hortons to get coffee and snacks. I always visit Tim Horton when I travel to Toronto so seeing it in Vancouver, BC, Canada ?? felt like a kid who was excited about Christmas gifts.

Iced coffee and Snacks

Tim Hortons

My friend and I stop at a chocolate factory ( A company that sells apple with all kinds of chocolate topping and nuts covering the apple) and I purchased a giant Apple chocolate just for fun. The price of Apple was $16.75 USD ( do you know how many apples I would have gotten at the store for that amount lol) and I wanted to taste it. So it was worth the money and oh I got a picture from the cashier.

Apple with Chocolate

chocolate Apple

Vancouver is definitely a destination you wanna look forward to and you will be glad you boarded that flight… Below are some pictures I took during my stay in Vancouver and you can also follow me on Instagram to see more pictures on my timeline or Instagram stories.

view of the city!

Royal Chocolate Factory

Vancouver Boutique downtown

Thanks for reading. As always drop your suggestions, questions, and observation in the comment section down below. We will also be conducting a Thanksgiving and Christmas giveaway so stay tuned. Love y’all ?

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