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    Monslay: How to Slay Your Monday

    Poor Mondays….. They always seem to qget the slam for being the worst day of the week, but in true fact, we should be opportunist, excited for the beginning of a challenging and enjoyable week. We are supplied with the opportunity to start a new week with a bang and work towards our weekly, monthly and life long goals.



    It’s the beginning of a new working week and I’m sure you want to be prepared for it even if you don’t want to or feel like doing so. Prepare your Lunch or have an idea of what you having for the following day on Sunday, Choose your outfit and lay it on your bed. Pen down all the commitments and tasks you need to complete throughout the day. For me, I find that small activities like this really assist me in feeling organized and on top of my life. There is nothing worse than beginning a week with the feeling that you are lagging behind after a busy previous week and trust me you don’t want that.


    Once is Sunday, you start getting this uneasy feeling that Monday is here already? or Do you ever feel like you can’t enjoy your weekend because Monday is lurking around the corner?. Well for myself, Sunday is my day of relaxation. On a Sunday night, I take my time and enjoy my bath, get myself a cup of hot Coffee or Juice of my taste and Read a book, watch a movie or surf the internet, whatever you know that puts you in the right mood. It is so important to get yourself into a positive and motivated mindset for the week, so make sure to do something on Sunday that works for you. It is far easier to embrace Mondays when you are feeling sufficiently relaxed and rejuvenated for the week.


    Show Monday some love! Especially if you are looking forward to someone, something or anything it maybe makes sure to focus on it. It is all about focusing your energy on the positives.

    Monday is like every other day the mindset is what matters, be yourself and look forward to the best it has to offer.See Mondays aren’t all bad. Let’s treat this day with all the love it deserves.

    Thanks for reading. Do drop your observation, suggestions, and Questions in the comment below.


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