Metamorphosis is the new life in Christ Jesus. Happy Easter

Metamorphosis is the new life in Christ Jesus. Happy Easter

The rich show no mercy to someone in need. When we die we go directly to the throne of God. Christianity is no different everyone preaches the same message of the good teaching of Jesus Christ.

The true religion is base on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If you believe in God the spirit of God will never die in you. There is a spirit in us that can never die in our body.

Facing on death makes u more focused on the important thing of God which is faith. The advantage of dying as a Christian is to meet Jesus quickly and have lunch with him.

Jesus is our Lord and savior and every Christian should believe that he dies for our sin and rise from the dead to prove it.

As a Christian, you should talk directly with God. You don’t need to be afraid of anything because you believe in God who resurrected for your sin.

You have to receive the benefit he has for you which is whoever is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the spirit is spirit. Jesus said no one can take his life except himself. You have to change your mindset and the inside of you before the metamorphosis(New Birth) will take place.

Happy Easter! He’s Risen! Stay safe and Stay Alive!

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