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  • Tired with flugy LASHES

    Tired with flugy LASHES

    There are three different types of lashes. The synthetic, Natural and Sink. According to experts, your lashes should range from ranges from 6mm to 17mm.

    I personally use the Vegas Nay Lashes because it’s affordable and you can get from these stores Walmart, Target, and CVS. The Vegas Nay Lashes is :

    • it’s lightweight

    • it gives my eyes volume

    • it’s Reusable!

    If you want to join my lashes lashing out ministration, you have to know the size that works for your eyes and it also the condition of your own natural lashes!

    Titanic Lashes Is a No-No

    You can’t be out here with titanic lashes and think it’s ok lol .. please Sis expert says you can only go a certain length or thickness of your lashes. This is to ensure that you don’t damage your own lashes for your beauty pleasure! If your natural lashes are shorter like mine and thinner on the side, please Sis Don’t get crazy dramatic lashes that are gonna be lashing out at people when you walk past them.

    When the glue gets in your eyes!

    Girl, I can’t explain to you how red my eyes were when I mistakenly put glue in my eyes lol. Putting glue in your eyes hurt more than anything but wash your eyes in the sinks with plenty of warm water! If this doesn’t help contact your doctor.

    I will normally use the glue that comes with Vegas Nay lashes. DO NOT use any glue that will irritate the eye and damage your natural lashes! I know a coworker whose eyes were swallowed for weeks because she uses the wrong glue that irritates her eyes for weeks.

    However, base on my previous allergic reactions from other products I always use sensitive products including glue to put on my lashes! Sis hair glue is not lashes glue, please stop using it.

    Thanks for Stopping by?Hope this helps you lash out your lashes in style and fashion!

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