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  • Sicily and other countries will pay you to visit!

    Sicily and other countries will pay you to visit!

    Corona Virus ooooo ( cardiB voice) Had people indoor for months… I usually travel within a month because I don’t drink, club, or do other fun and traveling are one my hobby. Due to this corona season, popular vacation destinations spots around the world and tourism industry crumbled to a standstill.

    Nevertheless, there is still hope for us travelers… With the reductions of corona cases and deaths let say it’s on baby.. yep it on..

    Do you know Sicily Island in Italy will pay you to visit?

    The southern Italian island of Sicily is looking to revive its tourism with its own catching offer which Includes a plan to cover a third of all visitor’s hotel expenses and half of your airfares. Oh, it gets juicy, they are even willing to pay for your entry fees at popular tourist sites around the island… I don’t know about you but packing my luggage.

    To get this deal, Traveler will have to go to this Visit Sicily to get a voucher so when borders open we will all be on our way…

    Another on the list is CANCUN, MEXICO ( Favorite travel destination)

    Cancun is set to launch the “Come to Cancun 2 × 1 package” to boost incoming passenger numbers. You know our favorite deals lol Buy one and get one free package for beaches which include Puerto Morelos, Isla Mujeres, and Cancun. Lord knows I can’t wait.. Visit this site to give you more information

    They are also offering two free nights of accommodation, two nights paid, and a refund of your plane ticket when you travel with your friend y’all…

    Viva Las Vegas

    Las Vegas is home and you can’t go to Vegas and remain the same… So CEO Derek Stevens plans to reopen his Downtown Las Vegas properties on the strip. His property includes the D Las Vegas, Golden Gate Hotel, and Queen Casino. Derek plans to is to give away 1,700 free flights to Las Vegas from more than 20 major US cities. Visit Las Vegas and get more information… CEO Derek Steven will fly you to Vegas free.

    See y’all at the airport! Xoxo

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