Things You Don’t Know About Coffee

Things You Don’t Know About Coffee

Happy midweek folk, it’s my Wednesday morning and we are quarantined because of coronavirus! I had to do a drive-through to Black Rock cafe to get my Wednesday latte. It’s Wednesday Coffee Blog post.

I can’t believe we are indoors y’all nowhere to go but hey it’s Wednesday lets get some coffee talk. I pray corona will be gone by next month but anyway on the bright side, it means I got some good coffee review from Black Rock Cafe. This week I went to Black Rock Cafe because they were the only ones doing drive-thru. I enjoyed some Bagel and CARAMEL TRUFFLE Mocha which gives me the power to say “it’s coffee O clock!”

My Review: Black Rock CARAMEL TRUFFLE Caramel mocha enlightened my mind to continue my social distance. Cuz I figured there weren’t any coworkers who will like me to get him a coffee. So, with all the stressful days I had remodeled my apartment, etc immediately I zip my mocha I was like “corona who?” Lol on serious note folks be safe out there. If you’ve been following this blog but aren’t a huge coffee fan you’ve probably been feeling a little left out, but worry chocolate CHAI TEA LATTE is good for you too.

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A CHAI TEA LATTE is a perfect drink for a non-coffee lover. This latte is like R&B artist singing on stage, nothing like your shower singing but real R&B Chris Brown and Treys Songz singing for you while you watch ( please picture it in your mind like me) lol ? Drinking coffee to me could definitely be described as meeting Chris brown and I’m ready to risk it all to follow him. Please Stay indoor, call family and check on your work for updates. Watch Netflix I put up a long list of movies and series Until next time catch me on the other side!

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