How You can travel to 15 countries with a low budget

How You can travel to 15 countries with a low budget


For those of you who followed and stalk my blog lol ( just kidding I love y’all ) will notice that I travel often mostly Europe , Luxury Resorts and Africa, the question here is am I a baller? Girl No way lol… I’m still doing my 9-5 baby! Priority pass is also giving away 20% to His members .

Anyway, my sugar daddy who has been offering me cheap flight it’s Qatar Airline This airline helps me to travel between cities and towns without paying a lot to travel. When I travel to Africa or Europe I want the value of my money. I know some young and old folks who want to travel out of this country but yet struggled with planning and financial issues. Don’t worry in this post I got some tips for you.

Traveling is something we all love to do often but planning your trip is very important. We all know that you get butterflies in your stomach anytime you about to go and experience new adventures, meet new people, eat food you haven’t eating before, the feeling of leaving your comfort zone, and having cultural shock is amazing And I love sitting at Qatar lounge watching the plane

??Here are a few TIPS you should consider before packing your bags!

  • Remember to start looking for a ticket at least 8 weeks to the date of travel. Flights are cheaper on Tuesdays at midnight and more expensive on Friday nights.
  • Use a VPN from another country to save you money big time when booking flights.
  • Cheapest day to depart is Wednesday and the cheapest day to return is Tuesday.
  • Domestic flight return is date is Tuesday and for international flight return date is Wednesday.
  • Go to secure to find the best seat possible on your flight.
  • The best time to book your flight is between 12-3 pm ET, and your travel date should be in the middle of the week and your return date should be the middle of the weekend as stated above.

Make these sites your Bestfriend went you looking for a ticket. Make Agoda website your best friend for cheap tickets ( my favorite ) gives you options to explore your data, different countries, and tell you which countries ticket that are currently cheap. Also, if you expecting your pay check-in 6 days Agoda website also Check Tripiflights to get first class deal and they allows you to track your ticket without paying, notify you when the price goes high or low. After you get your amazing deals come here to thank me later.


Getting a portable and durable luggage is something you want to invest in before traveling out of the country. Shop like Irv’s Luggage , Pakt and Made Terra carry unique, cheap, portable, durable, and brands name luggage. Traveling with small luggage gives you more stability to move around and reduces the stress of traveling. You can hops from one plane, train and bus to the nearest cities without any sweat lol.


Dress casually to avoid missing your flight because you want to wear what you took off at the TSA entrance. Despite security efforts in making our airport safe, it is advisable you watch your valuable items! Do not watch any stranger’s luggage, buy locks for your luggage, and tag your name on your luggage. Be alert and travel stress-free!

Are you ready to explore???Please bring Chocolate , Cheeky Cocktail and Souvenirs ! Xoxo ❤️