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  • How to travel on a budget

    How to travel on a budget

    Often times you find yourself daydreaming on your dream vacation, but then traveling or exploring exotic places doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you definitely don’t need to win a lottery to travel around the world, not when you know how to manage your pennies. Hope you enjoying your day and I promise this to be an exciting one and it sure will help you plan that Exotic Vacation without breaking a bank.

    First and foremost, Traveling on a Budget simply means you planning a trip with a certain amount in Mind and been self-conscious enough not to spend more than you planned or bargained for *My own simple definition*


    The idea of traveling spontaneously is great, that is if you have the luxury of time and money to spare but if you are traveling on a budget then the first thing you need to do is come up with a plan. You should at least have an idea of how long you will be spending in each city or country, and how much to have in the case of buying/spending leaving less to chance means less unexpected spending (last minute flights and accommodation which are often far more expensive).


    Especially return flights, running out of money abroad or anywhere without a guaranteed ticket home is never ideal, Go online, some Airlines *release* their flight seats up to a year in advance and the closer you get to your departure date, the more the prices increases, especially in the last month, so ensure to book your flights in advance.


    Make sure you bring everything you need and try to leave behind anything you don’t need to avoid excess luggage and double payment. No matter where you are heading, take at least one pair of long jeans, a warm hoodie, and a waterproof jacket for unpredictable weather incidents.


    Opt to travel on a Tuesday, Midweek travel prices are lower as a premium is added to weekend flights and you will breeze through shorter queues at airport check-in – desks and security. Fly economy too, no matter how nice Business class looks. The money you save on cheap seats can be spent on food or accommodation when you arrive. But if you planning a weekend trip try to pack light and use only hand luggage, saving yourself a bit of money on hold luggage.


    Stuff your pockets for the road! Bring food from home, shop at grocery stores instead of restaurants e.t.c. it might not be as glamorous as dining at fancy cafes and eateries, but financially it’s a lifesaver. Aim to wander around before choosing a place to eat dinner too.


    Trade that expensive hotel suites for dorm rooms in hostels, sharing a room naturally divides the costs and communal bunk rooms offer the opportunity to meet people who might be keen to explore with you. Or you could consider websites like Airbnb and Couchsurfing (where you simply book a spare room in a local person’s house or apartment. You could even stay with friends or family. Reach out to people you know or plan a trip to somewhere that a long lost cousin or school friend now lives, this could take you to places you had never thought of before.


    You could even freelance while traveling, that is if you are able to work *On the go*, Teach skiing on a winter season, the opportunities are literally endless.

    With these few tips am sure you can now plan that vacation without stress and remember to choose a destination that fits your budget, don’t get carried away by the price of cheap flights, have you looked at the standard of leaving there?. You must think of how much you want to spend in total on the trip, sometimes it is better to pay a little more for the flight and opt for a destination that allows you to enjoy all the comforts.


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