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  • How To Save Money At The Grocery Store

    How To Save Money At The Grocery Store

    Grocery stores are becoming more common in Africa and the world at large. Most persons prefer to quickly grab an item or items at the grocery store than going to the regular overcrowded markets.

    In this period of a global pandemic, they have become more popular in Nigeria since they tend to adhere to safety rules to prevent the spread of the virus.

    While we understand that shopping at Walmart or trader Joe saves you a whole lot of time, stress and provides a wide variety of items at a glance, it might not necessarily be cheaper for you. Most of these stores offer great retail prices to some items but have high prices for other items.

    This is why some persons avoid grocery stores altogether because they believe that prices are way higher compared to regular markets. We also know that grocery stores stock a wide variety of enticing products that keep calling you to buy and they can be very tempting! Now, if you’re a lover of grocery shopping due to ease, convenience, and quality but are worried that you might be wasting money or losing out on better deals, then this piece will show you tips on how to save money in grocery stores.

    1. Make a list and stick to it

    It might not always be easy to stick rigidly to a list. Not with that cute box of cookies just calling out your name! Or your stomach rumbling and asking for a snack. No! The first rule to saving money in grocery shopping is to stick to the list! If it’s not on the list, then it’s not to be bought. While there are a few exceptions to this rule, which include purchasing essential items that were omitted on the list, as much as possible, try to stick to your carefully made list to reduce unnecessary spending. You can make your list on paper or even use your phone to create one. Remember that impulse buying is your enemy, it puts holes in your pockets.

    2. How about you try a new grocery store

    Don’t limit your shopping to one grocery store when there are lots of shops to choose from. Just maybe another store could offer your items much cheaper than you’re currently getting. You can take out time to compare prices of items before picking out a suitable shop

    3. Buying in bulk might be a good idea

    Bulk buying goes a long way to reduce the cost of singular items. Items are cheaper when bought in bulk as compared to unit items and you should even end up saving double the price. Especially for non-perishable items like rice, beans, honey, and others that don’t really expire, it’s advisable to buy in bulk and save more. Haven’t considered it, perhaps now’s the time to try it out?

    4. Take advantage of discounts/ coupons

    Sometimes, grocery stores put up items on discounts for up to 10% or more. Cash in on such offers and stock up with as much as possible.

    5. It’s important to check prices

    I know we think buying in bulk is a lot cheaper than buying singly. But then, this might not always be the case every time. Sometimes, it’s actually cheaper to buy in units. Take time to compare prices of unit items before ruling out this possibility. You just might be surprised!

    6. Watch out for wrong prices

    Always ensure to calculate your bill with the cashier. Anyone can make a mistake, so make sure to double-check prices on your receipt. If you have concerns or doubts regarding the amount on your bill, check again and be sure you’re not losing money.

    7. Always check the Clearance Rack

    Most grocery stores put up old stock on clearance sales and offer interesting discounts on them. Although it might be old stock, it could have many new and interesting products on sale. Have you been ignoring the clearance rack? Perhaps you should take a closer look next time. You just might get something lovely at a ridiculously cheap price.

    8. Online shopping

    If you’re worried that a box of chocolates or a cup of ice-cream could call out to you until you give in to buy, then you might want to try online shopping. With this, you get to pick out only the essentials and are less tempted to buy other things.

    These are just a few steps to help you spend less in grocery stores. A very important character is discipline, to ensure you adhere to your list and not give in to every craving. Start now and save more!

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