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  • How To Network as a Blogger

    How To Network as a Blogger

    How To Network as a Blogger

    Blogging has become a vital part of our life in recent times. Popular blogs like Linda Ikeji, Instablog Naija, and others have become a rising sensation and more people have delved into blogging. While blogs provide an array of information, the most important aspect is to

    *Connect with your readers.*

    Linda Ikeji wouldn’t be successful with her blog if no one wanted to read the content, neither would Instablog Naija go viral if people weren’t interested in the information.

    In recent times, it has become really easy to start a blog. In an instant, one could own a blog and start blogging. But then, it’s not about starting, it’s about sustaining and achieving the goals of your blog. For this to happen and to ensure the success of your blog, it’s important to connect and network regularly with your readers, fellow bloggers, and others. Then comes the million-dollar question! How can you network as a blogger? Here are a few easy steps to guide you through successful networking as a blogger.

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    Everything is Dollar at Dollar Tree

    Connect with your readers.

    One easy way to do this is to relay information in such a way that it’s exciting and interesting to read. No matter how relevant your information may be, no one would like to read it if it doesn’t interest them. Learn to coin your words in such a way that your readers are engaged until the very end. This way, you get more feedback and responses from them.

    *Be the real deal*

    Genuinely be interested in your readers and fellow bloggers. Reach out to them and you’d be surprised how much people will connect with you just for being you.

    Pass useful information

    In the world today, a lot of information is being passed around and there’s so much noise going around the internet. To stay relevant and connect with other bloggers within your space, it is important to pass useful information that will help your readers and bloggers like you. Just be nice! Give useful and refreshing news always.

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    Soap and sanitizer soap at Dollar Tree store

    Collaboration is a new way

    A lot of persons feel like they’re in fierce competition with others in the world of blogging. This should not be so. You don’t have to compete with others in doing what you do. The internet is like the cloud, it is vast enough for every bird to conveniently fly without hitting another. As such, remember that there is an infinite number of readers for your blog and instead of competing, you could try collaborating with other bloggers to connect with great people and find opportunities.

    Be generous with your applause

    Many bloggers turn a blind eye to the good works of others because they’re scared to lose their relevance in the eyes of their viewers. Unfortunately, you’re missing out on great chances to network and meet great connections. When you applaud the works of others by sharing and commending, they love that you’re interested in their works and also reciprocate the sharing as well. This way, your works could go much farther beyond your reach and expectations.

    Be part of a group

    Be it a closed Facebook group or a physical group, it’s imperative to belong to a group of similar and like-minded people. Don’t be a silent member, actively contribute and take part in the group’s activities. This way, you get to meet interesting people, share ideas and learn the best way to handle challenges you might come across

    Attend conferences and meetings

    Real-life meetings help to foster bonds formed online. It’s necessary to attend blogging meetings and conferences which are relevant to your niche. This way, you get to meet and network with people in the same niche as you.

    Networking is a crucial part of blogging, you never know who you could land that huge deal from! Although not many people know how to go about this, these steps are meant to guide you through it. So start networking and blogging now!



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