How to know when your relationship is over

How to know when your relationship is over

There are various types of signals to tell that when a man is not serious about you both shared. The signs sometimes can be boldly written on the wall but we sisters intend to ignore it. If he wants to see you only past 10 pm and not ask you out on a real date my sister beware he saving his wife for marriage night. They will pretend to save their own life and acts as if they are bored and need company… Nah they want you to warm their bed because their wife still lives with her parents.

Some of these signs are unchanging and those are the ones we’d be talking about.

  • *When he’s talking to you and the call abruptly down then you decide to give him a call then you get messages like ”can’t talk right now” you ain’t gonna hear from him until the next day for him to tell you his phone battery dies or phone broke, well just know his main girlfriend was in the house.

  • *If a guy tells you I have a girlfriend, just know in your mind he’s trying to get in your panties and not feel bad about it. Stay far away and keep your distance. Don’t ever get the mentally if I do him good he comes to me, No you are setting yourself up for failure and heartbreak.

  • *When he does not value you nor the relationships.

  • *When you gotta wait hours to get a text or call from him.

  • *When he starts with the “I’m not perfect ” any decision you make I’m down with it without him begging you to stay.

  • *When your jokes ain’t funny and he’s struggling to make eye contact with you.

  • *When he starts calling you best friend or my buddy please retreat your affection and don’t get play.

  • *My favorite one “let’s take it slowly, step by step, one day at a time, one step at a time and so forth lol.. like Biko what were we doing before smh?‍♀️

  • *When he talks down on you and doesn’t care even in public.

  • *Their favorite line “you are an amazing woman and you are special” but not for you right? Stop it guys lol

  • *When he’s telling you to read the signs on the wall, please do read it, your heart might depend on it. That’s one reason or another ladies get to play and heartbroken all the time by guys.

Experience truly is the best teacher but you don’t necessarily need to make the mistake, learn from other people’s experiences, it will save you a whole lot of trauma.


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    Beautiful ? quite enlightening

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