Don’t we all just love the sweet feeling that comes with dates? The rush of pleasing emotions and the bliss of being with the one you love. Truly, dates are a vital part of relationships between couples and the married. They are very important to keep the fire of love burning and retain the spice in your relationships.

These dates however, could be cheap or expensive, depending on your choice. But then, what do you do in this period of global pandemic where the prices of things have skyrocketed? We can’t say no to dating now, can we? But we can surely find a way to still go on romantic dates and not break the bank. Here are nine romantic and affordable date night ideas you should really check out.

1. See a Movie At Home.

This never gets old! Curl up on the sofa with your loved one and watch a movie together with popcorn and a chilled bottle of coke or otherwise. Be it on Netflix, DSTV or wherever. You could even pick out a movie series you both enjoy and make a regular date out of it.

2. Cook a Special Dinner For Your Partner.

Know your lover’s favourite meal and go all out to surprise him or her. Make it extra special by including all the little delicacies you know he or she would enjoy. You could even spice it up by making it a candlelight dinner. Simply romantic!

3. Play Games Together.

Are you both lovers of games? You might not be a regular fan of video games including PS5 and the likes and that’s fine. Be it the normal Whot, Ludo, Scrabble or Chess games. Pick out something that suits you and enjoy time with your loved one playing and winning.

4. Go On a Romantic Picnic.

Put together a small basket of delightful delicacies and go on a picnic together. You could make it extra romantic by having it at the beach and letting the cool breeze caress your skin. Or even have it at the park and have a taste of nature’s beauty.

5. Dance Together By The Candlelight.

Have a beautiful collection of romantic music and dance together by the candlelight. So what if you’re not a great dancer? Not to worry, that’s where the fun is also. You get to laugh at your mistakes, learn and also have a great time in your lover’s arms.

6. Have a Cooking Competition.

Healthy competitions are encouraged in relationships. What fun it would be to have a cooking competition on a date night. A little something to do and see who cooks better.

7. Relish The Beauty Of The Sun Together.

Are you a lover of nature? Do you enjoy the magic of the sun rising to its full glory or returning to its rest at dusk? Then you should totally consider watching the sunrise or sunset together.

8. Healthy Workouts For Healthier Bodies.

We already know the importance of exercises cannot be overemphasized. However, many persons don’t enjoy working out, especially all by themselves. This could change drastically if you’re working out with your significant other. You get to push each other to do better while having a great time.

9. Go For a Walk Around a Park.

Take a cool evening stroll around a park with your partner. Appreciate the night’s wonders and even watch the stars together.

Whatever date idea you eventually choose, remember that it’s not about the place, but the person you’re with. It’s mostly about the company you have and companionship you enjoy while on a date. So here are tips spend little, yet have the best time with your loved one.

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