How to deal with heartbreak

How to deal with heartbreak

I became a heartbreak coach because of the 7 years I spent attracting multiple Mr. Unavailables, about my career and consistently hearing you are a nice girl but I’m not ready to settle every time I got heartbroken.

I understood that I was too nice and was willing to do anything to be the right girl So I found myself with hot and cold partners and I continued to do more and put more effort into them to change.

I ended up spending years soul-searching and researching and ultimately created a process on how to nurse a broken heart and stop attracting unavailable partners, both for myself and others.

Instead of anxiety over finding a man your dreams, instead, work on yourself.

I wasn’t always flawless at executing some of the steps I want to share with you but for sure, I think it would work if you try it.

1. Talk to a therapist/ Life coach

Working through your feelings and overwhelming emotions with a professional will help you a lot because it did with me. We all get excited about finding the right person. Instead of unloading this fear of losing the person with attitude or on your friends, it’s important to explore old traumas that resurfaced by talking to someone which will allow your heart to open up to love.

2. This next-level is self-awareness. Allow yourself to stay in your lane about your thoughts and feelings, instead of projecting it onto the person you seeing or dating.

3. If you start dating again ask questions early on in the relationship.

Asked what they was looking in a relationship. Ask if they wants children, their career and their relationship with their family. If you want kids and he/she doesn’t then you have your answer. If they still want to get all the degrees in the world them they ain’t ready to settle down anytime soon. A man/woman who cares about people and families will care for you. Ask about their relationship history and if they tell you all the mistake /issue was from their EX and they did nothing, it’s a big lies. It take two to tangle. At the end of the day, there are no guarantees, even if someone you’re newly interested in gives you all the right answers, but you can prevent yourself from a lot of pain and heartache if you discover a deal-breaker, sooner than later.

4 Be open and prepared your heart for heartbreak.

Even as I sat to write this, the thought of your partner changing their mind one day can happen. Only our Creator knows what in the heart and mind of another human. I truly believe heartbreak is one of the most excruciating kinds of emotional pain one can experience, but we have to be willing to let ourselves experience it if we want to fall in love.

There are never any guarantees, even if you end up meeting at the altar. Despite how painful it would be to lose him/ her the best tools is to process, heal, and grow from the experience, allowing yourself to show up at your best, most authentic self and appreciate every experience.

when you rise to the occasion to be yourself and manage your anxiety of doing something wrong which will inevitably come along, the right partner will not only meet you but will help you heal thru the discomfort of the growth and healing process.

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