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  • How I edit my pictures and How to give your Instagram Aesthetic feed

    How I edit my pictures and How to give your Instagram Aesthetic feed

    How I edit my pictures and give my Instagram the Aesthetic minimalist feed

    First thing, I am, making sure when taking my photo there is good lighting. Natural light for me is everything. It prevents your photo to be gloomy, dark and grainy. A good lighting makes photo looks professional and high quality.The best time to take photos is during 6-8 in the morning and 3-5 in the afternoon when the light is not harsh. Because too much of it is not good either.

    What do I use to take my photos?

    I usually use G7 Mark ii and my iphone 11 ( I used my iPhone most of time he he) to take a picture of my OOTDs. And I use my Iphone’s portrait to take a picture of a flat lays.

    Lightroom Preset

    How to take a picture?

    I always ask people on the street to take my pictures when I’m out with my camera ( not good ideas lol) but I do it anyway. I also tiptoe to give an illusion of making me tall. I’m just 5′2 fam, that’s why I really need this trick. In some instances, For the flat lays, I do the bird’s eye perspective to capture a good photo, again lighting is very important. I use my Iphone’s camera for this.


    The background is always important.. I didn’t know this until I started following asymi Gold.. If you want to have a uniform ( white ) Instagram feed, I suggest you go for a background that is usually plain, ( your wall in your house or your white bed sheet) or if you don’t have it just simply blur the background. This trick will make your outfit or flat lays stand out. People will focus on you more than your background.



    It is important to have a theme. I have two theme I created on my Instagram.. one winter theme ( coffee and dark) and the other summer theme ( white minimalist) which is everyone favorite lol. This will make you aware on what photos to take . Go to the Instagram of some people to look for an inspiration or mind..


    Oh yes your outfit is important too.. like very important.. I learn that from Kenny on Instagram.. Get ready to chance your entire outfit and wear a particular outfit for most of your pictures.. for example, I’m doing a summer theme ( white Minimalist) if you notice on my instagram ( Officialidara_) most of my clothes is light color or white and if you stroll down my page, winter theme most of my outfits is black and brown..



    I use snap seed to saturate the background of my photos because I am aiming for a whitish theme. I use the brush tool, set the saturation into negative 6 and roll it all over the picture’s background. I also use the HDR filter to enhance my skin color.

    I use Lightroom preset for this picture

    Lightroom Preset

    If you are lazy like me, you will want to invest in Lightroom preset filter. These filters are preset created by an influencer for you to use. All you have to do is subscribe to monthly payments or yearly payments and the already made is yours to keep.


    Unlike Snapseed, Facetune is paid app, it cost around $3.99. The app has free trial before purchase.. if you have time you can edit all your pictures before the trial runs out lol But if you’re a serious Instagrammer like me. This is good app to buy. I use this to whiten the background more and give the photos some details. This is actually my favorite editing app.


    Lastly, The VSCO

    I use VSCO to do the final touch of the photo. I don’t usually put filters on my photo but if I use A6 if I have too to dime the color a little because most of the time filters can cause pixelation. I really want my photos to look natural and clear .

    What you need to do?

    Step 1: Adjust the exposure a little bit

    Step2: Adjust the contrast little bit

    Step 3: Adjust the saturation ( very important). I lower down the saturation to make my photo looks more whitish. Also depending on what you want.

    Step 4: Adjust the Sharpness. Sharpness helps the photo to emphasizes important details. Please don’t overdo this, because it will make your pictures look like you selling oils lol.

    Step 5 (optional): Add a minimal filter. I always use the Aesthetic Series when I am needing a filter

    This is how I edit my Instagram Photos, I hope I addressed all of your questions. This is just my way, you can always do more of the editing to unleash the inner artsiness and creativity in you. I hope I help you guys a lot. Let me know if I do, just comment down below!

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