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  • Heatwave & the Nigerian Response!

    Heatwave & the Nigerian Response!

    *There is a joke people peddle around town these days. They say if you don’t sweat like you’re auditioning to be a Christmas goat these days, then your Nigerianness is in doubt.

    As the first quarter of the year has rolled forwards, the Nigerian weather has been impregnated by an unprecedented

    level of heat, with damning implications for the millions who populate the nation’s nook and cranny.

    As is the norm with commodity prices in Nigeria, temperatures have just been

    defying the law of gravity- they’ve been rising without prospects of falling.

    So severe has the situation become that the heat in Nigeria has been fingered as the next most pressing challengeNigerians have faced after economic hardship.

    Deducting the ‘cold water/drinks’, umbrella & sunglasses sellers from the gist, it is safe to say that the heat wave has impoverished the smiles of majority of Nigerians. To combat the threats posed by the weather, Nigerians have resorted to a variety of adaptive measures.

    Reduced to seven words, they have been ” More Water.More Baths. Less daytime movement. Open windows”. Verandahs have been turned to bedrooms at night, people have been forced to take their baths like doses of prescribed medication &

    sunglasses have become a compulsory fad.

    On a personal note, the refrigerator has become in time a sexy alternative to my bed. Somedays, I go to sleep with this strong crave to sleep on an ice bed & to lay my head on a pillow made from ice blocks.The heatwave summarised has not only been cool at all.



    1. L
      Lynda Jane
      August 5, 2019 / 12:00am08

      The heat is coming ?

      • monica
        October 7, 2019 / 12:00pm10

        So much ?

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