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  • Happy Birthday to me: Babygirl turn 30th yโ€™all

    Happy Birthday to me: Babygirl turn 30th yโ€™all

    Wow…So August 10th is my birthday… I will be turning 30😮 it’s amazing how time flies lol.

    Last year’s birthday was litty, I was surrounded by people who love me and supported me thru my journey of renewing my mind. I’m grateful to God who never left me.

    > What I have learned…

    I have learned to love and pay attention to people who love me, I have learned to accept who I am and try not to be someone else, I learned that I’m worthy and I will not let anyone take me for granted, I have learned to see the best in people because the more positive vibe I put out there the more positive vibe I get in return.

    I have learned to pray and leave everything to God to handle, I have learned to mostly leave anything that isn’t adding value to my life… I have learned a lot this year and I’m still learning to be a better person to myself and society.


    > I Let go of some people’s and some things I can’t control.

    – People come in and out of your life for different reasons and seasons.. some follow me on my journey till the end.. Others my pastor would say are “Passerby”. The passerby is people who just come to teach you a lesson, healed you from depression, and get you on track before dipping on you. I have lost a lot of people who I thought had my back but when little arguments arise they show me who they are by their actions towards me. I realized that their aims are to destroy my integrity and get information about me that will they use against me later. I’m not perfect but I ain’t got time for no misunderstanding again. I got no time for drama ( I’m grown), I’m focused on bettering myself, my career and loving people who love me.


    Few people I wanna thank God for bringing them into my life.

    • Edee; I can now call you my Bestfriend…

    She has been there for me at every birthday party, vacation trip, and buy gifts for me… she has asked for nothing in return.. tho I haven’t returned the same favor to her on her birthday (which she called me out on it lol) I did apologize to her and I promise to be that friend she wants me to be. I love you Edee ❤️

    • Rita

    thank you for cleaning your ears 👂 and listening to all my crying, laughing, and talking for hours in your ear lol… I love you 💕 like a sister I never had…


    • Patrick; thank you for always being there in good times and bad times… I appreciate the gifts, kind words of encouragement and support.. you are a rare gem. I Cherish you and appreciate your all you do for me❤️

    Note to self

    I promise to enjoy myself and live my best life.. Have fun, Be close to God, increase your faith, Focus on your Journey, Be healthy, pursue your career, See the good in people always, Be kind, and live a happy life…

    Remember, being happy for your birthday is necessary because others didn’t get the chance to see their birthday. Please do the most for your birthday and go all out for birthdays because your birthday only comes once in a year. Be grateful to see another year added to your life.

    With peace and love, may God bless us all, renew our body like an eagle, and strengthen our bones like loins Amen 🙏🏿.


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