Why you Should Flee from Abusive Relationships!!

Why you Should Flee from Abusive Relationships!!

Why you Should Flee Abusive Relationships!!

“You are so good to me… You are so good to me… In all circumstances… You are….” Stella’s beautiful shower ministration was rudely interrupted by a loud bang which heralded the opening of the bathroom door!

She shrieked when she saw the flames in the eyes of Bode as he stared at her like a lion at his prey. She quickly grabbed her towel and tried to cover her naked self but Bode grabbed it and hurled it out the window she had left open for fresh air. Stella knew she was done for! It was happening again and much worse this time. What could she do?! She was without any apparel and was very prone to injuries.

Bode grabbed her hands and dragged her out of the bathroom like a goat to the slaughterhouse!

“Baby, please! Please! I’m sorry! Please! What did I do?!” These words flew out of her mouth with the speed of light! She had no idea what she could have done this time. She had washed and ironed the huge pile of clothes he had left her. The egusi soup wasn’t salty, she had tasted and even asked her neighbor to taste it. Even the pounded yam was without seeds. She had pounded and pounded as if pounding yam for Bode was a sure way to heaven. She was very convinced the yam was as smooth as butter. What then did she do wrong? She wondered all these as Bode yanked her bare body against the wall, chairs, tables and any other thing on his way. Stella knew she would end up in a coma when he was done with her!

“Baby ple…”

“Shut your rotten mouth you filthy pig!!!!!!” Bode thundered angrily and Stella cowered in fear.

Her face was already in a stream of hot tears as thoughts of the worst scenario played before her eyes. Bode was obviously not drunk. Bit she couldn’t possibly phantom the cause of this anger. She had left him peacefully watching the finals of the championship game and excitedly talking to himself. Bode was not one to miss a match even when the final trumpet was sounding. She couldn’t think of what could have made him abandon his match for her.

With a single push, he plunged her hard against the floor as he rushed to bolt the door. Stella already considered herself dead as he walked menacingly towards her. She couldn’t stop crying and begging even as he unbuckled his belt and lashed out mercilessly at her. She was rolling and wailing as the whips followed in quick succession.

“You’re very stupid… You shameless slut! Ah! You don’t deserve to live and I will do you the honor of ending your life!” Bode fumed.

“Honey, please…… I’m sorry….. I’m… I’m… Sorry, ooo… For whatever I did…” Stella mumbled incoherently.

“Which Samuel sent you five thousand dollars??? Your newest boyfriend abi??? After all, I’ve done it for you. Imagine me… Fine boy Bode!! I even considered an ugly vulture-like you to keep as a girlfriend. I feed and house you, yet you have the nerve to cheat on me with one riff-raff!!! I’ll kill you both, starting with you!!”

It took a few minutes for Stella to register the information on her messed up brain.

“Ah!!! That’s my cousin who went abroad two years ago!!! The one I told you promised me money!!” She managed to say before she launched into another round of hot tears!!!

Only then did the belt stop swinging. Bode cast a fierce look at her.

“You’re very lucky!!!! Lemme catch you with another boy. That day, you’ll die and even hell will reject your filthy body!” Bode hissed as he walked out of the house leaving her to bathe in her own tears.

Abusive relationships can kill. Ladies, don’t “manage” him, you just might die while trying to. Run, while your legs can still carry you.