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  • DIY: How to make your own feathers lamp

    DIY: How to make your own feathers lamp

    So I was minding my business on Instagram and I saw this cute lamp in the explore feed. I click on it and boom the price tag 🏷 $1200 was on sale for $1020.

    I’m thinking to myself this lamp must have some talent that it can perform magic in the night to be that expensive. So I clicked on the website to see the description and it explains the feathers are “real Ostrich feathers.

    lol well I hopped on Esty ( should have ordered from amazon) paid $40 bucks and got 25 sticks of real ostrich feathers. Feathers came and I realized I need more feathers ( if you wanna try this project I will recommend at 30 feathers) but I’m not trying to spend lol so I drove to Dollar store ( my favorite store in the world) and I got one white puffy cleaning wipe ( you will see in the video) and also I had a cotton ball ( in the video it was very hard to get the puffy cleaning wipe to stick on the foam, that’s why I use the glue on the cotton ball first to place it on the foam before the placing the puffy cleaning wipe on it) at home… The puffy cleaning wipe feels and looks like a feather… Due to me not having enough feathers ( I didn’t want to spend more than $50 bucks) I use the puffy cleaning wipe to hide all the spot that the ostrich feathers didn’t reach… I’m also planning on during a lot of dollars tree project because I just became an influencer/ affiliate with dollar tree last week…

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