DIY : How to Create a ceramic vase with baking soda

DIY : How to Create a ceramic vase with baking soda

Yeah, so I decided to try the trend going around on the internet.. You can try acrylic and water-based paint because both work together perfectly fine.. Lets get into this DIY shall we.

Baking Soda

1 tablespoon of baking soda per 250ml of paint (a cup) , so if you have more paint you should adjust the amount of baking powder accordingly.


For the brush, you will need to use a foam brush and it will give a less textured feel, but a brush with bristles will give a more organic feel. Personally I think you want more texture with this! So I prefer the texture brush.

Materials you will need

• 250ml of paint (around one cup)

• 1 teaspoon of baking powder

• small container

• a spoon or small stick for mixing

• a thrifted vase

• brush (foam or one with bristles)

How to:

1. Put your paint into the small container and add in your baking soda.

2. Use your spoon or brush to mix up the paint, I use a smooth stick I got from dollar tree store. Mix the paint well until the baking soda is all mixed in the paint.

3. You should see some bubbles start to form and a mousse texture become apparent.

4. Prep your vase by washing it then wiping it clean.

5. Take your brush and do a first coat on your vase with the paint. This will go on quite watery and transparent but don’t worry.

6. Let your vase dry for half an hour or so (until it’s touch dry) then do another coat. Continue this until you think it is thick enough. I did 2 or 3 coats. For darker or patterned vases you will need to do more coats.

7. Finally, let this dry overnight and harden completely. I noticed it took a bit longer to dry than the normal paint. So let say 72 hours..

All materials used in this project was bought at the dollar tree tree and goodwill thrift store.. I hope this help you xoxo ?

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