Do you always think it takes just too much time to look amazing before you walk out the door? Some of us are not just not all product buyers, but it doesn’t mean there are not a few beauty tips and tricks we should not all know of and use to our benefits. For someone like me, I love to treat myself from head to toe and trust me I didn’t have to break the bank or spend lavishly to achieve that.


First thing, what is the meaning of DIY, cause I know it’s not everyone who has come across that word and even if you have, do you know what it means?

*DIY*: it’s an abbreviation for “Do It Yourself”, it simply means the act of either decorating, repairing your home or doing things at home yourself at your convenience without having to pay, you opt to do it yourself.

Especially for the ladies, at some point in time, you might be faced with difficulty in getting beauty product, not because they ain’t affordable but because the money isn’t there at that moment, if you can’t wait until the money comes, you can always do simple for yourself and still look amazing especially with this simple, easy and natural DIY at home.

1. CLEAN SKIN NATURALLY: Apple cider vinegar can help with a clear skin and getting this isn’t gonna break your pocket, just get it put a little on a cotton ball or makeup pad, and swipe all over your face as a toner, just focus on your T-zone (across your forehead, and down the middle of your face including nose and chin) to take down any oiliness.

2. SEND UNDER EYE- BAGS PACKING: Didn’t sleep enough last night? Some days are like that but if you want to look like you got your beauty sleep, it’s all about caffeine (but not the way you might think). Soak two tea bags ( black or green tea, as long as it’s caffeinated) in ice water for a few minutes. Squeeze out then apply directly to your eyes and leave them for at least 5 minutes, you can place them over your entire eye area, or just under your eyes. The combination of the caffeine and the cold nixes puffiness and dark circle.

3. GET AN EXTRA BRIGHT SMILE: There are baking soda kinds of toothpaste out there, and there is always the option of brushing with just baking soda, but an effective combo is to sprinkle a little baking soda on your toothpaste before brushing your teeth, it will help remove surface stains and brighten your teeth. Just be sure to rinse thoroughly when you through. Then remember to smile all day. *SMILING MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL?*

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4. PLUMP UP YOUR POUT: Some persons have gone under the knife to get a Fuller lip, why do that when you can get it naturally at the convenience of your home, Just add a little pinch of Cinnamon to a few drops of almond oil, then massage into your lips. And if you want to go extra tingly and extra plump, do half – almond oil, half peppermint oil with the Cinnamon.

5. MAKE A MOISTURIZING FACE MASK: There is a lot of DIY masks you could do with natural ingredients from your kitchen. This one is an amazing moisturizer, perfect for all skin that parched from staying out late or hitting the beach all day or both. Mash up half an Avocado with 1-2 teaspoon of Honey and layer it on your face, relax for 10minutes or so, then rinse clean with a washcloth. *Simple right*

6. PIMPLES ON ICE: I love this one especially, cause if there is one thing I hate, it’s pimples on my face, especially since I’m a lover of ice cubes *don’t blame me?*. Whenever you feel a Zit coming on, Pop an ice cube in a sandwich bag and hold it right on the little bugger, try to hold it for at least five minute, more if you can (we know, it is cold), the ice will help decrease the inflammation, so the pimple will be less prominent and less red. But if its cystic acne (those painful, deep, under the skin zits), the ice will help numb away the pain. *Easy as ABC*

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7. TREAT SUN DAMAGED SKIN: This yummy and easy serum is perfect for soothing spots that have gotten too much sun ( perfect for your nose and forehead, but also for shoulders and upper torso). Squeeze juice from a slice or Ripe watermelon then takes one tablespoon of raw honey. Apply where needed to moisturize and soothe the irritated skin. Let the serum sit for 20minutes or more than gently rinse it away with cool water.

8. TREAT YOUR HANDS: Your hands do most of the work you do on a daily basis, why not give them a break with is an ultra-rich natural treatment. Mix one tablespoon of honey, a natural humectant, I.e moisturizer, into one cup of plain yogurt, slather all over your hands, let it sit for few minutes, then rinse off and enjoy your soft, renewed hands. Well if you love yogurt like me, I advise you put your craving in check before u lick it ???.

9. DEODORANT BACKUP: I am sure you don’t want to go out there with your armpit fighting Kung – fu and you want to be sure you are absolutely, positively Body odor free? Then Top off your deodorant with a light dusting of baking soda (just a pinch though, since you don’t want to powder your entire clothe), it absorbs and neutralizes odor. With this, you will have your confidence in walking around and also raising your hands up without the worry about any unpleasant smile oozing out.

10. SOOTHE STRESSED SKIN: To relieve yourself of dry, itchy skin, make yourself an oatmeal bath. *Sounds crazy right* yes but it works! Just add 1 -2 cups of dry oatmeal to a warm bath. The water releases the oats natural fat and complex sugars, these turn into a thin, moisturizing jelly ( you’ll be able to see it on the surface of the water but trust me, it is a good thing), which soothes dryness, itchiness, and redness.

I hope you find this helpful, as it has been helpful for me, and trust me with good results and it also helps me save my money from buying expensive products for my Body care.

Do drop your observation, suggestions, and questions in the comment section as always thank you and a beautiful year to you all




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