Weight Loss Secrets That No One Talk About

Weight Loss Secrets That No One Talk About

As I write in Body, Mind, and Mouth, my definition of diet is *Decide how I will eat today*. This definition puts you in control of food choices. We fall into false belief when we buy into the notion that diet means depriving ourselves of something or of everything we enjoy. In order to stop gaining weight and start losing it, one’s diet must change from the current diet to one that helps to loose weight, i can’t argue that point. The question remains how Can we change eating patterns to ensure all necessary nutrients are consumed.


Dieting is never about eating as little as you can. It’s about never eating as much as you can.

MEANING: *A special course of food to which a person restricts themselves, either to lose weight or for medical reasons*.

In order to have successful and sustained weight loss, take the necessary steps and be patient. Keep your energy levels elevated by understanding and meeting your nutritional needs. Eating too little or depriving yourself of food and believing “diets don’t work” will put your system into starvation mode. Diets always work when they are nutritionally and mentally satisfying. Weight loss is never about the before and after picture, it’s about making the after the forever.



1. You may be surprised to find out that you are currently eating food with little or no thought to how much you enjoy the item. Eat only the food you love and avoid food you find mediocre. Eliminate food items that you know you can easily do without.

2. Replace the food that has been eliminated with healthier options by including fruits and vegetables at every meal and snack.

3. Plan to eat five to six times throughout the day. Make your meals smaller and your Snacks larger, and each time include lean protein for energy and sustainability, along with plant-based products for nutrients and vitamins.

4. Assess your eating patterns to mindfully include food items in a more controlled manner.

5. As time passes and you experience a weight loss and feel energetic, your focus and effort will take a different course, you will find some of your favorite, unhealthy food items no longer have the attraction you once did.

6. Understand that you must eat to lose weight and eating too little could result in frustration and a failed attempt.


Children and teenagers have different dietary needs than someone in their seventies or eighties. Pregnant or lactating women differ in dietary needs than their male partners, and overweight individuals must adjust their dietary needs if it’s their desire to lose excess body weight.

Don’t limit yourself, eat and live healthy.

Do drop your observation, questions, and suggestions in the comment section below. Cheers to a new week?

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