6 Ways of Dealing With Stress

6 Ways of Dealing With Stress

Dealing with stress!

Stress! Stress!! Stress!!!

It’s almost impossible to live on this planet and not go through some form of stress! It’s particularly worse when you’re in Africa or better still, Nigeria, where we wine and dine under thick clouds of stress. Honestly, I think we deserve a special award for being able to cope in the midst of it all. lol!

But then, how well do you deal with stress? I know it’s difficult, but it’s not impossible and I’ll show you just how you can effectively cope with stress and not let crease lines ruin your cute face all the time.

1. Relax!!! Relax!!! Relax!!!

Worrying has never and will never solve a thing! Try to remain calm and think rationally, trust me, it pays. It might be difficult, especially in the midst of a crisis, but always tell yourself to calm down. Chill, and think through your actions carefully.

2.  Take a deep breath and pause!!

That’s right! Pause! Freeze! Just breathe in and out slowly for a few minutes to clear your head. This small activity gives you a short break from all the stress and helps you relax. So whenever you feel tensed or anxious, close your eyes and slowly breathe in and out.

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3. Take a cold bath to calm your nerves.

Ever heard of the wonders of water? Here’s another one to the long list. A cold bath will soothe your skin and calm your nerves and possibly cool down your boiling blood. So get under the shower and let the water wash away your stress.

4. Drink some water.

A glass of cold water or juice could work magic in the midst of terrible stress. The cold water rushes through your system and brings a calming effect.

5. Stand up and take a short walk

Not in the sun though, if possible, find a cool place to stroll through and allow the cool breeze eat away your stress. Walking helps take your mind off the source of stress for a while and helps you think properly.

6. Sleep!

You definitely need it! Stop the unending flow of thoughts swimming through your head with a good amount of sleep. So I know it’s difficult to sleep especially when you’re terribly stressed! Your mind keeps roaming about and listing all the things you’ve not done. But try to banish all stress related thoughts and clear your head. Think happy thoughts and give yourself over to the gentle arms of sleep. From a few minutes to a few hours sleep, the effect is a more refreshed and calm individual.


7. Plan yourself

I know you try, I’m sure you do. In fact, we all do. But somehow our activities get all caught up and jumbled together that stress kicks in. It’s important to have a good plan for the day, and more important to stick to it. Space out your activities so you have ample time to rest and are not overwhelmed by it all. As much as possible, try to manage your time effectively. Don’t forget to create room for rest, it’s crucially important!

8. Talk about it.

Are you worried about something? Talk it through. Sometimes, we underestimate the importance of a good talk. Talking to your spouse or a close friend or family member could really help a lot. It’s just like you’re talking away the stress.

Dealing with stress!

9. The power of a good workout.

Exercise away the stress!! Sweat it all out!  Get involved in physical activity and workout the stress. You kill two birds with one stone. Get rid of the stress and get yourself a great healthy body!

10. Take a break.

Take breaks in between strenuous activities to rest, sleep, see a funny clip, talk about something else, or just do anything to take your mind off the source of stress. The effect is tremendous.

Drink water, mind your business and walk.

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Generally, stress has almost become a part of our everyday lives. But with these tips, you’re sure to find what works for you perfectly. So you get to handle the situation effectively, that you don’t lose your shine!

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    Dealing with stress?
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