Cord That Binds

Cord That Binds

Friendship is not about having friends, rather it’s more about “being” friends. It’s about giving some of ourselves to a love we believe in and a person whose companionship we cherish.

There are different experiences on this path of friendship and some people’s hearts have been so traumatized that they prefer the silence of their own voice.

How deep does the hurt go? Where lies the pain, the heart or mind? Pain left to fester could grow to damage our system and bitterness becomes the fountain from which our being thrives.

There are million and one people in the world, don’t judge people by one man’s act. Beautiful Friendships have been created and most have stayed even longer than some marriages. Treasure your friends and treat them well.

When your friends share your values, loving them and living is made easier because they hear your whispers and read words not written.

Friendship is a mutual thing, when we give ourselves away, experiences and memories will fill our store house. I am proud of my friends and the successes we’ve recorded.

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