Things To Do After Breakup

Things To Do After Breakup

Breakup ?Blessing!

Breakup sometimes isn’t good for you and Bae but actually, Breakup sometimes brings out the best in both of y’all! Yeah, it might sound crazy but Breakup helped to bring out the best inner you.

Let me not get ahead of you and Let’s break it down. Breakup isn’t all that bad, it isn’t all about you crying yourself to sleep, eating to get over him, not taking shower for days yuck “?” making sad faces like the world coming to an end and being bitter for days or maybe years.

Breakup It’s about learning, processes, the ability to let go ( not hold on to it like glued), and the ability to brings out the secrets talents you never knew you had inside of you.

Breakup sometime comes in the form of a breakthrough. I have learned this past year that if people walk out of your life is for a purpose and they weren’t mean to be your life. The people that stay in your life through it all, are the ones that God has placed in your life to get thru life journey together.

See breakup as a blessing. Who knew or thought I could write an article not along owe a blog. Sometimes it blows my mind with how much potential I had in me and I didn’t know until after a breakup. I wanted to talk because it was like therapy for me. If I had a conversation with someone about it I felt better so I turn it into composing and making bread as well.

Let’s talk about the secret Powers

we break up it’s on baby, let the competition begin. But hold on I’m getting ahead of myself people. ? Let’s give it another shot: imagine your bae trying to prove to everyone you were the problem in the relationship. You, on the other hand, also trying to tell everyone it is his fault that the relationship between y’all. Lol

Let the game begins!!!! Thank me later for noting this post. ?

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