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  • Body Shaming

    Body Shaming

    why do we feel uncomfortable in our own skin? Why does the society seem to have more take on our body shape than we do?

    The pictures we see on glossy magazines, toned skin and flighty figures, you see them sleek and without freckles, all clean and without pimples. What then should we do, we who feel with everything we eat we add extra pounds of flesh, we who cannot walk comfortably without loads of sunscreen moisturized into our skin?

    Body Shaming is everything negative and everywhere people live, it’s the smirk given to certain body curves termed inappropriate by society. It makes the skinny ladies and the plus size ladies feel like trading places, people turn up their noses whenever they feel you have flesh of unequal proportion and they forget that “perfect” is but a word.

    Be comfortable in your own skin and carry yourself gracefully. Say no to body shaming, learn to feel good about yourself.


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