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  • Beauty Routine For Oily Skin

    Beauty Routine For Oily Skin

    Beauty Routine For Oily Skin

    For all our oily skin Queens, this is just for you! We understand your struggles, and we’re here to make it easier to glow through all that oil. Yes, that’s right. You can glow with all that oil! We understand that oily skin sometimes feels rough and greasy with really huge pores. We also know that though you try, it’s not entirely your fault that you’re blessed with so much oil. It could be due to hormones, diets, stress or even the wrong product. We also know that in the warmer months, some persons experience an increase in sebum production. How about the times your skin is dehydrated and produces excess oil to make up for the loss of water? Yes, we know all that. And the consequences of all that oil, from acne, breakouts and blackheads! Yes, we understand. But not to worry, this article will show you how to keep your oil in check and give you a much healthier skin.

    *Cleansing Is Key*

    Oily skin cannot go without a morning dose of cleansing. This is especially because dirt, excess oils and impurities will have built up on your skin at night and might clog your pores if not carefully removed. Use a mild water-based cleanser to bring in a burst of morning freshness to your skin. Since oily skin is more prone to acne, then it’s best to use one that contains salicylic acid. This is a very important aspect of your morning routine.

    A cleanser is also very important at night, whether you’re wearing makeup or not. Oil-based cleansers remove dirt, debris and makeup very easily. Afterwards, you can use a water-based cleanser. This is called “double cleansing” and is highly recommended for the oily skin.

    *Exfoliate Lovingly*

    Because your skin is prone to build up from dead skin cells, clogged pores and blackheads, then you must exfoliate regularly. It is advisable to use a gentle exfoliant on your skin at least 2-3 times every week. Doing so regularly, removes dead skin and reduces excess oil production. Depending on convenience, you could choose to exfoliate at night instead of in the morning.

    *Tone For Extra shine*

    Toners get rid of residual dirt and makeup, as well as help your skin absorb ingredients from the products you intend to use afterwards. A good toner will add that extra shine, without necessarily drying out the skin. If your skin is prone to pigmentation and irritation, then you should go for a toner that refines, brightens and soothes your skin all at the same time.

    *Indulge In Eye Cream And Moisturizers*

    Lock in all that nutrient with a moisturizer. Emulsion or gel-type moisturizers are best for your skin, because richer creams are likely to clog up your pores. After moisturizing gently, then use a lightweight eye cream to keep the delicate skin around your eyes firm, moisturized and protected. This is also advisable to be done at night.

    *Sunscreen For Every Day*

    Using sunscreen is very vital for your skin. It is extremely necessary to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun. To finish your morning routine, apply a sunscreen to protect your skin and prevent premature aging. You could try a mineral-based sunscreen which contains zinc that absorbs oil also.

    *Don’t Forget Your Lips*

    Remember the lips don’t have sebaceous glands, so they can dry out. Keep your lips soft and hydrated by using a moisturizing lip balm. Using a lip balm at night gives you softer and smoother lips by the morning.

    *Facemasks Are Good For You.*

    There are lots of facemasks for oily skin, especially those containing charcoal or Moroccan clay. Such facemasks keep the skin clear and calm. Exfoliating masks and peels which contain glycolic acid help reduce the excess oil and are great for your skin.

    Yes! It’s time to get started on your new glow! Follow these beauty steps and let your oil shine!

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