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  • Apartment Hassle

    Apartment Hassle

    When I left Las Vegas for Louisville Kentucky, my friends thought I was out of my mind lol.. Trust me I love everything about Louisville Kentucky. The people, food, apartments and universities here is a great state. Finding my apartment was a bit hassle for me. I used to lived in a luxurious apartment in Las Vegas. I was hoping to get the same luxurious apartment here in Louisville Kentucky. Well it wasn’t an easy task but at the end I got the very best.. Let me take you down memories Lane..

    Apartment Hunt

    I took a day off work in search of an apartment. I drove to Axis at Lexington apartment on Axis Dr to check out their rooms, Amenities and prices. I also wanted to stay within my budget. So the one bedroom design that fit within my budget, I did not like the room and the design.

    My next stop was The Vinning at Hurstbourne on hurstbourne road. The rent was above my budget and the condo had less Amenities.

    While driving home, I saw Spring at Hurstbourne apartment. It was a gated community but I didn’t like the way the staffs welcome visitors. I check out the Spring at Hurstbourne apartment and nothing was appealing to me.

    At this point I’m frustrated and losing all hope in finding my dream apartment. So when I got home I grabbed my laptop and started surfing the apartment.com then I came across Main and Clay apartment downtown. I viewed the pictures on their website, I was amazed by the location and the beauty of fine restaurants around the apartment.

    They next day I called the apartment and setup an appointment with receptionist Juliana. The Next day I went straight to see the apartment. Upon arrival I was blown away by the architecture of the apartment. The apartment was everything I was looking for and even more. The Amenities was out great for the price and above all it had security 24hrs. Best believe I immediately filled out the application and signed off right away because I knew in my heart this is the place I want to live in.

    Main & Clay Apartment

    From the apartment location, to Staffs, features and Amenities I was bought y’all. Main & Clay is the best apartment in Louisville I bet you anything. No I didn’t get paid to write about my apartment and No this is not an advertisement.. The apartment is lit and that’s why I want people that’s moving to Louisville Kentucky to check it out. They will make you feel at home!

    Their staffs are amazing and always willing to help you with anything you need. Main & Clay is located in the heart of Butchertown which is a minutes from Louisville’s urban core and NULU district neighborhood. There’s restaurants, bars, specialty shops, museum and KFC arena. It’s convenient, comfortable and its luxurious. It has expansive amenities and they offer one to two bedrooms. Trust me you will find yourself right at home.





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