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  • Acts Of Kindness To Practise In Your Relationships

    Acts Of Kindness To Practise In Your Relationships

    Acts Of Kindness To Practise In Your Relationships

    According to Franklin Jones: “Love doesn’t make the world go round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile”. Relationships between singles and married can be a whirlwind of emotions, sprinkled with love, and a deep feeling of affection! But then, it’s not always a bed of roses and requires great efforts to make it work. Most times, it’s the littlest acts of kindness that keeps the sparks flying. Here are a few kind acts to practise in your relationships to keep the fire of love burning fiercely.

    Love and respect your partner genuinely.

    So you say you love your partner, ok. How do you show it? Do they know you love them and feel loved by you? For a successful relationship, it’s important to love your partner in their own love language. This way, they feel certain about your love for them. Remember to treat your partner with the utmost respect. It takes two to tango, so treat each other with as much love and respect as you would like to be given.

    Listen listen listen

    Listen when your partner just wants to talk. Don’t just hear, listen, understand, and possibly ask questions where necessary. You might not have the solution to their concerns, they might not even want you to say anything, they just want a listening ear. Give it to them.

    Be generous with I love you.

    Yeah, she knows you love her. He knows you love him too. But that shouldn’t stop you from saying it. Sometimes, your significant other just loves to be told over and over again. It reaffirms your love and assures them always. You could whisper it softly, shout it to the rooftop, write short notes or send love texts. You could even slip a short note into their pockets without them knowing. Never let a day go by without telling your spouse or partner how much you love them. It keeps the relationship sizzling hot!

    Appreciate them every day.

    Say thank you for the littlest acts done for you. He called at work to ask how your day’s going and if you’ve had lunch. She called you first thing in the morning to say she loves you and wish you a great day. You get home and your wife has prepared your favorite dish. Or maybe you woke up and realized that he’s cleaned your car and got it ready for you. Acknowledge the little things your partner does and say thank you!

    Shower them with gifts

    Get a small present outside of a special occasion, not necessarily on their birthdays or your anniversary. It doesn’t have to be a Rolex watch or a J.Lo jean. It could just be a plate of food from her favourite restaurant or maybe a wool jacket you know he doesn’t have but needs on cold days. Just something to remind your partner that they’re constantly in your thoughts.

    Be their peace

    Life has different phases and not all are equally pleasant. Some days are better than some. Know when your partner is having a rough day and be their peace. Be their source of strength and encourage them through it all. Give a pleasant surprise

    Most persons love surprises. Don’t you just love when someone plans something special just for you? Surprise her with a box of chocolates or surprise him with a candlelight dinner. Find out what makes your partner feel special then surprise them by doing it. You could even plan a surprise vacation together! Such random acts add a tinge of excitement to the relationship.

    Play interesting games together

    If you’re lovers of sports, then you could take a run together, play tennis or whatever sport you love. If not, you could play video games like PS5 and the likes, board games like Chess, Scrabble and Ludo, or even card games like Whot, hearts and spade. You could even let her do you hair while you apply makeup on her for the fun of it. Take part in the activity your partner loves and create time to actually enjoy a game together.

    Compliments are cool too

    She’s made a new hair, tell her something you love about it. He’s had a cute hair cut, recognise it and compliment him. She’s looking smashing for your date together, compliment her. He’s dressed to kill for that office presentation, tell him you love it. Look out for nice things to compliment each other on. Is it the witty way she thinks and writes that you love, or his impeccable command of English? Tell your partner and don’t be stingy with compliments.

    Recognize your mistake and apologize immediately

    Don’t try to turn the tables or dodge an apology. Mistakes are inevitable in relationships as we’re quite different. The most important thing is to realise your mistake, apologize and try not to do it again. The more time you spend trying to debate your way out of apologizing, the more you hurt your partner.

    Try to do at least one random act of kindness for your partner each day

    Be it helping out with a chore that he or she normally does, or letting them sleep in and serve breakfast in bed, the little things count. You could run a hot bath with candles or soft music for your spouse and complete it with a candlelight dinner. Or keep a steady supply of their favourite snack and suprise them frequently.

    These are just a few simple acts of kindness that will go a long way to regularly communicate the message of love to your lover and spouse. Let’s keep the fire of love burning!!


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