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  • A Healthy Meal Plan

    A Healthy Meal Plan

    A Healthy Meal Plan

    How do we define a healthy meal plan and what is it expected to contain?

    There are different motives behind every meal plan and what seems to suitable Mr. A may not suit Mr. B.

    Ask yourself this simple question What is your intent? To gain calories or shed them?

    Did you create a meal plan to help with balancing your health? Or worries about a recessed economy yielded it? Or dare we assume that career and motherhood time has left none for you and you use your meal plan as a tool for time management.

    A Meal Plan can be created to suit our different needs, while a healthy one helps to balance our body fluids.

    Timing is another indispensable component of a Meal Plan.

    How often do you eat at odd hours? There ought be strict adherence to the stipulated time frame if the purpose of the plan ought to to be achieved. The absence of a Meal Plan can have us eating one class of food for periods unending and we end up looking the same year in, year out.

    Spice up your meal for variety is the spice of life. Eat healthy always.



    1. L
      Lynda Jane
      August 5, 2019 / 12:00am08

      My favorite food blogger ♥

      • monica
        October 7, 2019 / 12:00pm10

        ☺️ ?ℎ??? ???

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